Vancouver Sept

A well developed Garou stronghold which did not experience the same tragedies as the other PNW septs (Astoria, Portland, and Hood River all were abandoned and their totems entered into slumber as the Europeans and Americans conquered the area). Home to five packs (26 Garou) and fortifications, it serves as a travel hub and supply depot to the Garou Nation. The sept totem is the mighty Verzway the Verdant , a Wyld spirit of verdancy, unrestrained growth, and flowers.   The Uktena imprisoned a powerful Wyrm spirit of Famine in the borders of the sept. Layers of wards, specialized fetishes, and spirit guardians keep the location secret and safe from curious humans, as well as hides the location from the Wyrm and its servants.   Elders Stanley Cloudfoot - Ragabash homid Uktena Spymaster Gwendolyn, Bearer of ColdFlame - Theurge Metis Uktena, Chief Elder, Wyrm Jailor Erin the Undaunted - Ahroun Homid Get of Fenris Waneeka, Hand of Justice - Phillodox Lupus Uktena Terry Battlesong - Galliard homid Fianna   Blood Howlers Adept vampire hunters Cory, Skull Crusher rank 4 Ahroun leader Kanto, Shadow Skulker rank 4 Ragabash Rocky, rank 3 lupus Ahroun Sarah, Leech Killer rank 3 Ahroun Ella, rank 3 Ahroun   Umbral Stalkers Spend most of their time in the Umbra. perform recon and spycraft for the Vancouver Sept. Howls-at-Death rank 4 lupus Ragabash. part of Emilio Cloudfoot's last class of spies. Stanley Cloudfoot's closest friend. leader of Umbral Stalkers Malai of the Thousand Masks. rank 4 homid (Thai-American, moved to Vancouver for university and changed. stayed) Ragabash. master of disguise, owner/protector of the Thousand Masks fetish (activate to be a doppleganger of something within 0.5x to 2x your size)     Mountain Keepers Rarely seen in the sept, these rugged outdoorswolves maintain and patrol the lands in and around the Sept. Wind-through-Treetops, Forest Guardian (nickname "Johnny"), Lupus rank 4 Philodox - leader. friends with Kareem Li, Verdant Song , who taught him about ecology. an incredibly smart and well-spoken lupus, Wind-through-Treetops is a forest protector, destroying logging equipment/sites and protects old growth and large mycellium networks. has planted tens of thousands of trees (seeds/seedlings/whole plants stolen from Home Depot, etc). lupus rank 3 lupus rank 2 homid rank 2   Downtown Guardians A group of mostly Bonegnawers that look for three Denver, the Hammer, homid rank 4 galliard. wields a silver warhammer. Cassie, Sure-Shot homid rank 3. expert marksman with all manner of firearms and bow. homid rank 3 homid rank 3 lupus rank 2


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