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World of Cataclysm

"Outlaws to the end."

Created by

Cataclysm is an original setting created by Kira and Fern. It is set on a nameless planet, on the continent of Altea, where the former nations of a powerful empire have attempted to create a democratic alliance. Thanks to an extra-dimensional element called Aether, technology and magic have combined. This has caused society to jump from low-tec feudalism to advanced magitek in a span of fifty years, allowing for the invention of automobiles, trains, firearms, and automatons. The elite travel the skies in colorful airships, while down below, feuds that began with swords and bows continue with guns and mechs. In Altea, you are just as likely to encounter a knight or a wizard as you are a gunslinger or a construct. There are many environments to explore, from the seedy streets of Spire City, to the lawless deserts of the Outlands, each with their own peoples and conflicts. The old clashes with the new, and the world stands at the beginning of a new age.