Welcome to the World of Cartyrion! To get started, you're going to need a Player Character. This is where you can start to turn your concept of an interesting character into something ready for game play. If you are the type of gamer that tries to make character generation selections that are based purely on maximizing the effectiveness or power of your character, you can probably skip this section and proceed directly to Assembling Your Character.

But if you are the type that likes to build a character that “has character”… a character with flaws as well as special abilities… a being with shortcomings and limitations that make it necessary for a party to work together to achieve goals, then your first step in character generation is to conceptualize your character as a being, not just a collection of statistics.

These next few pages will help you to do this. They will introduce you to the many variations available to you in the World of Cartyrion to create the character you want to portray. First, you will choose an Race, and the Culture within that ancestry.

After choosing the culture into which your character was born, you will next select your character's Prior Experience to decide what abilities and knowledge you bring with you as you start the life of an adventurer. Finally, you will choose your Class to determine what talents, skills and abilities you will rely upon as an adventurer, and which you will continue to hone as you progress.

By conceptualizing your character first, you have the opportunity to create the character that will be fun to portray, and not just a collection of statistics that determine how many or what types of dice you roll. You will know something about your character when you begin. Where did you come from? Why are you here? You will have the beginnings of your character's Backstory, which you and your Game Master can refer to in the future. And then... once you know who your character really is... then we can focus on getting the statistics together to let you play the game.

Adventure Awaits! Good luck!

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