The Owatatah Glaakri (Oh-wah-TAH-tah GLOK-ree)

translated in Common as "the Seaskipper"

Sailin' ter Baron's Point, are ye, lad? Booked passage on the Seaskipper? Ye couldna' have made a better choice. She'll get ye there wi' no worry about them Tyrnabay scoundrels!
— Old sailor to young merchant about to make his first sea voyage for trade
fficially christened the Owatatah Glaakri (translated, "She leaps over the waves"), this two-masted Awkwana trading ship is better known by its common name: the Seaskipper. Easily recognized by the figurehead at the prow of a dolphin arched in a leap above the waves, the vessel operates out of the Awkwana port of Krak Glaaruk (the Iron Port), it spends much of its time sailing the seas between that port and the cities along the Inner Sea.

The Vessel

The Seaskipper is an example of a class of Akara class of an Awkwana vessel; the class name simply means "merchant" in Awkwan. It is similar in size to the cog class vessels sailed by the Seafarer Dwarves, though it relies on square rigging rather than triangular (lateen) sails. Typically these ships are privately owned by the merchants that rely on them to transport their goods around the world.

The vessel has a rounded prow decorated with an ornately carved dolphin figurehead. Like most Awkwana ships, it does not mount a bowsprit; instead a narrow platform extends over the prow upon which a swivel-mounted ballistae is mounted.

The main hull of the ship is split into three deck levels. The topdeck is open to the sky above; the middle deck is primarily used for crew quarters, though some cargo could be stored there. The fore part of the middle deck contains the ship carpenter's workshop, and the stern portion contains the galley. The lower deck is used exclusively for cargo. There is a large cargo hatch just behind the mainmast which allows cargo to be hoisted directly to the middle deck. From there, crew use a smaller hatch access to the cargo deck to stow cargo. Two ship's boats are also stowed on the topdeck; these are lashed down over the cargo hatch during voyages.

The forecastle on the topdeck is a single story structure that houses the quarters of the ship's lieutenant and the Stormtamer, as well as storage of goods that need to be protected from the weather.

The sterncastle is a two-story structure. At the topdeck level, a cabin for "steerage" passengers. It is capable of accomodating as many as 40 folk, though the number actually carried is usually far less. The accomodations consist of little more than hammocks which, if need be, can be strung as "upper" and "lower" if the passenger count is high. The middle deck of the sterncastle contains the captain's quarters at the stern-most part, with four small staterooms accomodating higher class passengers forward of that. The upper deck of the sterncastle is the helm or pilot's deck. In addition to the ship's wheel, this deck also contains the Stormtamer's Roost - a pulpit-like structure between the ship's wheel and the stern rail.
  • 75ft (23m) Overall
  • 52ft (16m) Keel
  • Beam
  • 20ft (6m)
  • Draught
  • 12ft (3.6m)
  • Displacement
    200 tons (180 metric tonnes)
    Deck Configuration
  • Three-deck main hull
  • One story forecastle
  • Two story sterncastle
  • Rigging
  • Foremast with square-rigged foresail and foretopsail
  • Mainmast with square-rigged mainsail and maintopsail. Studding sails (stunsails) can be deployed to either side of the mainsail and maintopsail to improve the Stormtamer's ability to propel the ship.
  • Armament
  • Four fixed medium ballistae
  • Three swivel-mounted light ballistae
  • Cargo/Passenger Capacity
  • 120 tons (110 metric tonnes) cargo
  • 4 stateroom + up to 40 steerage passengers
  • Officers and Crew

    The full crew complement of the Seaskipper is twenty-two, including the captain, lieutenant, and stormtamer, who are the only three that would be considered to be ship's officers.
    Captain Aataa Itak Wuwara, also the owner of the vessel, is a colorful individual - literally as well as figuratively. Upon taking possession and command of the ship from her mother twelve years ago, she had her feathers dyed to a rich scarlet shade. As can be expected, she is the ultimate master of everything that has to do with the ship and its operation.
    The ship's cook, the Halfling Rowlinda Greenkettle. The Seaskipper is the third ship this Halfling has served on since she went to sea thirty-five years ago. She is the only member of the crew that isn't afraid to hurl an expletive or two in the captain's direction (though never with regard to decisions of seamanship). Rowlinda first signed aboard the Seaskipper when she was first launched, and has kept the crew fed on every voyage the ship has ever undertaken. The stories she can tell of adventures at sea and in port are many, and most of the latter are not fit for younger ears.
    Lieutenant Katatuura Glaakri's duties are to command the ship when the captain is not on deck (either sleeping or at work in her cabin). She looks forward to captaining her own ship some day soon, perhaps in about three years or so. This would coincide with the time the Captain's daughter is of age to sign on and begin learning from her mother as Captain Aataa did from her own mother.
    Sailmaster Twitchtwo Windcatcher, a Chittiki male, is responsible for ensuring that all the canvas aboard ship is in good repair at all times. His nickname, "Patch" comes from both his duty to repair sails as well as the covering over the eye he lost in a pirate raid before joining the Seaskipper's crew.
    Carpenter Dawson Kilgrim, a Human, is a quiet sort. If not on deck performing crew duties, he is usually in his shop area either repairing ship's equipment or carving intricate figurines of exotic creatures he has either encountered or heard of. His talents as a woodcrafter are quite good.
    The ship's Stormtamer, Tchirikani Gatahi, is responsible for ensuring the safe and swift passage of the the Seaskipper during its voyages. She has done so successfully for twenty-six years. Every Awkwana ship (and many vessels operated by other Folk all over Cartyrion) emply a stormtamer to ease passage through severe storms and ensure favorable winds to assist a journey.

    There are several features unique to Awkwana ships such as the Seaskipper, though, that are designed to make the best use of a good stormtamer's talent. In particular, the addition of studding sails to the sides of both sails on the mainmast enable the winds called by the stormtamer to more effectively move the ship swiftly through the waters. THe pulpit-like "Stormtamer's Roost, which is behind the ship's wheel allowing the Stormtamer to face the mainsails and still communicate with the helmsman is another.
    The remainder of the crew complement are the sixteen able sailors: eight Awkwana, five Chittiki, two Humans and an Orc. As is the custom among the Awkwana (indeed among most of the Folk of Cartyion), both males and females sail the seas.

    A Brief History

    The Owatatah Glaakri has been plying the waters of the Inner Sea and Great Sea since her launching thirty-two years ago. The trade route between Klak Glaaruk and Baron's Point is the voyage most taken, though occasionally the ship will be seen in other Inner Sea ports of the First Kingdom and the Grand Duchies of Elvenpass and Eastguard. Aataa tells her Awkwana crew that one day, they will make the voyage into the Sea of Storms to the port of Glaakra Ruk so they can visit the first city of their people in the mountains above the port. She herself has never been there, having been born in Klak Glaaruk.

    Captain Aataa Itak Wuwara prides herself on the fact that, in the twelve years that she has mastered the Owatatah Glaakri, she has never been successfully accosted by the Tyrnabay pirate companies. They have tried, of course, but the skill of her crew, and mostly that of her Stormtamer, have allowed them to outrun and escape every attempt to plunder her on the high seas.

    This record actually extends further - her mother's last fourteen years were also free from successful pirate attacks. The beginning of that period marks to the date when Stormtamer Tchirikani Gatahi signed aboard.
    You have sailed with me for years, and you have learned everything I can teach you, my daughter. And so, as I yield command of the ship to you, I have just one piece of advice. Never give Stormtamer Gatahi a reason to seek another ship to serve. Treat her like gold, for she is worth it.
    — Captain Aataa Itak Wuwara's mother upon her retirement


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