The Gobbinar

The fifth group of Astralar to arrive at Cartyrion were the Gobbinar. They had a long history of being treated by other Astralar races as a sort of "poor little cousin". They were tolerated, but considered by some among the rest of the Astralar to be little more than a minor annoyance. They - and their abilities to manipulate the Six Energies - were not taken seriously. The Gobbinar resented this greatly, and endeavored to prove to the others that they were worthy equals.

To prove their worth, they decided to Awaken a People of their own. To make sure the other Astralar took notice, Vurik and Gaara, the two most powerful Gobbinar, made sure that their "children" would Awaken where the others would see them. And so, the first Gobbin people appeared at the fringes of every location where clusters of Alev, Duagan, Orok, and Ogran could be found.

This did not work out as anticipated. The Ograns and Orok simply drove these "little green pests" away. The Alev and Duaga were more tolerant. But while they permitted these new Gobbin people to live and move among them, they tended to pay them little attention. Over time, the Duaga came to accept them more than any other people, as many of them proved quite useful in the forges, and quite handy when it came to artisanship. Only the Dwalev, who themselves were misfits of a sort among Alev and Duagan, embraced the Gobbin openly and treated them with respect from the start.

Vurik and Gaara were not pleased at the reception their Gobbins received, and so decided to try once more to bring forth a People that would command respect. Vurik instilled more aggressiveness in his second creations, a people called the Hobgobs. Unfortunately, the Hobgobs were too aggressive, and came to be considered enemies of the other peoples, and when their "cousins" the Gobbins tried to interact with them, they were bullied at best, and subjugated at worst.

The two Gobbinar tried one last time. Thinking that the Alev would accept a people that more closely resembled the creatures of the forest, Gaara instilled their third creations with more animal-like body. Vurik, though, still insisted on a personality that would aggressively demand respect. The end product, the Bugbears, were even less well received than the Hobgobs - and are to this day hunted as vermin by many of the peoples of Cartyrion.

The Deities

Only a few of the Gobbinar are sufficiently powerful in their control of the Six Energies to rise to deity status, though there are many of their number that are considered demigods or "godly friends" by individual Gobbinar. The four universally recognized deities are
Craax is the deity of ambition, fire, knowledge, and magic.
Gaara is the goddess of creation, healing, protection.
Giknik the Breaker is the god of destruction, indulgence, might, pain, and zeal.
Vurik is the god of confidence, creation, death, luck, and trickery.


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