Playing the Game

Now that you have created a Player Character, it's time to get into playing the game! Like practically all TTRPGs, Laurels & Loot gameplay can be divided into three phases. Two of these will take place around the gaming table, whether physical or virtual; these involve exploring the world in which your character lives, and dealing with encounters that occur as the result of that exploration. The third phase involves what your character may be doing during the times in between gameplaying sessions, i.e. during the downtime between adventures.

In Laurels & Loot, it is presumed that the usual game session will involve the group of adventurers starting out from some sort of home base. During an adventure, they will leave this place and travel to some objective. Once there, they will deal with the challenges, defeat the enemies and gather the loot (or not). Finally, they go back home - to count their loot, heal their injuries, recount their tales of glory over pints in the tavern, visit the temple to thank their gods for success, or whatever. The "home" at the beginning and end of the adventure is a very important part of the adventurers' world; it is their Safe Environment.
Safe Environment
Laurels & Loot presumes that adventurers are working out of some sort of "home base". Ideally, this base is the starting and ending point of every game session. In game terms, it is assumed that adventurers arrived at this place carrying all their important belongings, and this is the place where the Downtime phase of play will take place. The important features of a Safe Environment are that it provides a place to rest comfortably, rejuvenate their stamina, and recover from injuries. It should also provide a place for adventurers to store any possessions that they do not wish to (or cannot) carry in their inventory while adventuring.

Additionally, the Gamemaster might provide additional basic services, depending on the needs of a specific party. Craftsmen to repair gear that the party cannot repair, or even a healer that will treat injuries (for a cost) are most likely. If the Safe Environment is a settlement, there may be people available to train player characters in new Specialties, and places to shop for new gear, whether mundane or magical. It is not necessary, though, for every Safe Environment to offer all these things; sometimes a "quest" to find a teacher, or to purchase or repair a specific item can be interesting and fun.

Over the course of a campaign, a party will likely travel from one Safe Environment to another. When doing so, they must make appropriate provision for transporting their excess possessions without exceeding inventory limits. Perhaps they purchase a wagon, or hire people to carry their goods.


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