About The Duagnar Deities

The Duagnar were the second race of Astralar to arrive on the scene at Cartyrion, and of these, Goranin and his partner Trudanna were the first. They were responsible for the Awakening of the Dwarves, who were instilled with a strong work ethic and an appreciation for the products of dedicated craftsmanship. Trudanna was further responsible for the Awakening of the Gnomes, who were instilled with her appreciation for the finely detailed and elegant craftsmanship.

Soon the pair was joined by others of their kind. They carved out bands of followers from among the Dwarves. And since the newcomers had different expectations, they introduced diversity into the Dwarven and Gnomish races. Some of that diversity manifest itself as a desire to hoard the finest specimens of metal and gem that the world gave up in the mines. And after a time, these - and the Dwarves and Gnomes that revered them - began to clash with those that felt hiding and hoarding of the riches of the world was wrong.


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