Worthy Cause

After rescuing the town Morgan's Lair (Old name Morgan's Lair) Harold has left the party and is now the governor of the town and is seeing to its restoration.

    Our last best hope, Trek 24, Worthy Cause

8/30/3752 - 8/30/3755

Adventuring Party
Alternative Names
Our last, best hope!
Trek 24
Parent Organization


  • Ard Leonid
  • Areolae D'Faethuch
  • Daro Gintaxo
  • G’gi Mogdrel
  • Gwynn Diaz
  • Harold Fess
  • Maratra Dawntracker
  • Nerivissal
  • Pandion Frana
  • Teirney Goss
  • Urien DelveLight

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