Gnome Brigade

Wrath of Shadows

Our brave group "The Gnomish Brigade" summoned by a strange tower. The Tower of Peril, and exit the ritual of pain, each with a strange scar and no memory of the ritual. Quested now with a task of corruption, they must move slowly, cautiously through the good lands and seek out opportunities to sow the seeds of evil where they go. They head for the city of Lionell′s Training Center, in the Eastern Baronies to meet a mysterious contact.


Our group as a final adventure together take on a mysterious house in Regnum Eon and party in Antarn afterward. The members have decided to retire and head back home to enjoy their riches.


Gnome Home


Adventure Log 1 - By Zero

I was in some dump tavern, startin’ up a bar brawl like I usually do, when suddenly outta nowheres I’m laying’ there naked on a cold floor. I look around and there are 3 other gnomes dere as well. One weird lookin female one named Dira, and two guys named Bobo and Kabgar. We saw some lady runnin away and since we were all bewildered like, we decided to follow her. It was a good ting we did because we found some robes and sandals. BOY was dat floor cold on my tootsies. We never did find that lady again. Weird! We wandered through this big tower, experiencing all sortsa crazy stuff. One room was really cool; I got to do all sortsa fun stuff. I’d like to get back dere at some point. Anyhoo, we get some stuff and drop into a tavern and meet this super-babe named Bea. She said she was waiting for us…bad guys club….blah blah blah…We shared some private time in our room. Bea had never been with a gnome before and was completely exhausted when we were done. (Hey, this is MY journal!) She said we had to meet up the next day for a great mission of evil importance. I kinda blanked on the listening part because Bea’s cleavage was just too distracting. But I know my good pals Bobo and Kadgar were payin attention, so it was all good. We had this crazy dwarf partnered up with us. After Bea left I got about to starting up a brawl. I was doin fine when the dwarf jumped in waving his club around like a madman. Us gnomes took off like a heavy crossbow bolt when the chaos that we all knew was gonna happen happened. The guards showed up and hauled the dwarf away. We all clammed up but good and wved goodbye as they hauled the crazy dwarf away…kremlin…Moscow…some crazy name like dat. Anyways some hottie came in to ask us questions. I kinda blanked out again as her shapely butt just stared at me at eye level. Ya gotta love humans, they’re privates are right in the right place for us Gnomes to stare at. Bea came back the next morning and she seemed pretty peeved. She dragged the dwarf in behind her and he looked pretty beat up. We all sat down at a table and began to chat. More about what we were supposed to be doin…good…Bobo’s payin attention….man dose are some nice hooters….oop…she’s looking at me…nod like you get what’s goin on….man…I can’t wait to kill sometin. After another rough n’ tumble night with Bea, we head out in the morning and buy some supplies. We’re goin to some town to do some thing. Awesome. I just hope there’s somthin to DO on the way. We get a cart, some horses and some riding dogs. The trail was pretty dull and boring until the troll popped out of the bush. I ran down the horses back, hoped down onto the dog and then finally dropped onto the ground. It was pretty gracefull-like. I ran over to the troll and gave him what for with my greatsword. I cut that big ugly mook down to size before he knew where I was. Course he hit me pretty good with a tree. But I took it and kept on goin cuz I’m tough like that. Thankfully the cleric was there to fix me up. Gah! That’s a disgusting holy symbol…. is that a head? Gross! Anyhoo, we got to this town called Silvertown. The whole dang town felt all good and well…not quite up to my speed. The only reason I memberd the town’s name was because there was this friggin awesome greatsword at the magic shop. Man, I was probably droolin like a dammed begger when I dangle a giant hunk of meat in front of him… that reminds me…I gotta do that again. We trained a bit which helped to pass the time. Ah well. We’ll call it quits here for a bit.

Adventure Log 4 By Zero

So we’re trompin around in this underground orc cave. Course we killed all the orcs in it…well all the ones that wanted to fight. All the other ones swarmed out. Some of ‘em got killed…not by me. As I always say, “If it don’t raise a sword to kill me, it’s probably safe…probably…unless I’m in a bad mood” So we’re wandering about when we come upon a room with a fire elemental in it. There was a guy chained up against the far wall behind the flame guy. Dira walked up to the elemental and began talking to it. Funnily enough, the thing spoke Gnomish. Maybe she felt some sort of connection because they’re both red. I dunno. Not feeling like talking, I looked at Bobo. He nodded at me and kinda rolled his eyes and made that “yak yak yak” sign with his hands. I laughed, and proceeded to pick up a rock and chucked it at the fire elemental’s big fat melon. That didn’t seem to piss it off enough. But when Kadgar charged it…that set it off. I drew my sword when it poofed away from Kadgar and appeared RIGHT next to me. It tried to swing at me, I think it hit me, but it felt like a little kid hittin me….cept a little bit hot. I returned the attack and nearly snuffed the thing out. It was runnin away from me when all of a sudden somebody let loose with a giant stink. Apparently the crazy cleric had summoned some giant demon so he could get some kinda leash. I dunno. The shit hit the fan pretty much at that point. The fire elemental tried to whack the demon, but the demon I guess whacks a bit harder and the fire elemental went away. During the fight the wizard and cleric both started hurlin’ when they got close to the demon, so I figured a long range attack would be best. I pulled out my grappling hook and hooked the guy on the wall. Before I knew it Bobo and Kargar were behind me pullin on the rope, trying to pull the chained up guy to us. The fighting demon and elemental charged through the rope breaking it. So we all ran over and picked him up. I cut the chain with one mighty swing, and the gnomes of the party ran out. We heard some chanting and then a thud. We all realized the cleric was missing. We poked out heads back in the room and saw that the demon was gone and the cleric was in a heap on the floor bleeding. We all argued about it and decided to help the cleric out. We patched him up a bit and then he used his hooby-joobie to fix himself up. We found out the guy who was chained up was some old guy who had been stuck there for about a hundred years. He gave me some info on a weapons cache from an old battle. Maybe my old instructor will finally be happy with me if I show him I got an ancient legendary sword of power. We’ll toss back a couple o ales, get in a bar brawl and it’ll be good. Anyways, we hung around in that room for a couple of days while we were all healing up. During that time we found out that one of the items we had acquired was a healing ring. The party decided to give it to me cuz I kick so much ass. Not wanting to hurt their feelings I accepted it and put it on. I figure they like me and want me to keep kicking ass on their behalf. So after that we all remembered we were going to storm a castle. We put our rings together and all said “we wanna go somewhere” and “poof” we’re back in that tower we started out in way long ago. We used he rings and then “poof” we’re on top of the tower we were gonna take. We bash in the door and drop in on a few goons, who start screamin their head off. Before we know it we’re neck deep in goons. The pretty elf cast a spell and I was zoomin around hackin bad guys left and right. Turns out the leader of the goons is a big fat coward, and he runs away once we start cleanin house with his goons. Sigh, they didn’t even stay up long for me to hit ‘em twice! Dira casts this hoobie-joobie and thousands of bats are pluggin up the doorway, getting in the way and what not. We gotta charge through ‘em and get bit by the little bastards. The wizard did another hoobie joobie and we heard lots of screaming in the other room behind the doors….and the bat swarm…which we couldn’t go through. Dira told me to run out the window and she’d cast a spell on me. Me bein the man of action I was I tumbled through the swarm, and ran out the window. She cast a spell and I ran down the outside of the tower. It was pretty cool. I gotta get a dang bard to tell the story about that…So we kill all the mooks and work our way down to the bottom floor. Kadgar let me in the front door, and I guess they lost Lord Swine….the serving people were cowering and pointed to a secret door. Dira sicked her bear on them. Gee, that seems like an adequate payment. Man, she kills waaay to many people who might be some help. There ain’t even a reason to kill a cook. So we go in the secret door. A snake-y thing slithered up to us, and I lopped its head off. Wasn’t even a challenge or nothing. So we looked around and couldn’t find Swine. So we decided to take his stuff. We found a ton of coins. Mostly copper. Bags and bags and bags of the stuff. There was a handful of gold, and a handful of silver too, but Dira said we should keep that stuff. Seemed fair at the time. Dira gave his bear a shirt of Swine’s in hopes it could sniff it out. So Dira and her bear played ranger for a while while the ranger and I lugged all the copper, I counted a few hundred bags of the stuff, a big ol’ statue and some armor. We tossed it in the cave with the rest of our treasure. Now we’ve most of the good stuff loaded up in the cart and are gonna head out to one of the nearby places we can fence the stuff. Hrm…Dira had said that the town had cleaned up the inn wreckage we placed over the other entrance that leads to our treasure cave…but she used magik to close up the other exit by the ruins. I wonder if anybody’ll find it?

Adventure log 5 by Zero Oris

So we cleaned up the treasure in ol Swine’s (Swill) tower. We made a deal with the towns folk to rebuild the tavern and have a place to hang out. We were all surprised when a patrol came through. We were settin up the party to inaugurate our corruptin of the town and decided to invite the guards…course we told ‘em it was a different party. There was this big human ranger I beat up. That was fun. Drinkin brawl and what not. He wasn’t even a challenge. A push over. The Sergeant chickened out when I offered to clean his clock too. Anyhoo, the patrol ate & drank and left in the morning. There was some ruckus with our cleric. Somethin about a crying girl…whaaaaatever. So we finally head out of Stret towards Ogil. Then we had to hang around out looking for some root for Dira. Yeesh. Finally we left the damn town of Stret and went north on the road towards Ogil. And what a koinkidink, we run into that patrol, but they’re headin back, and they want to look at our stuff. They said something about runnin into Lord Swine and he said we took his stuff. Not liking to be accused, we killed most of ‘em. There were lots of hoobie joobies, first Dira cast a spell and the roots and plants grabbed hold of the patrol, then Granite cast a spell and blasted the heck outta the patrol. There was one near the horse, and I got to thinking a cool move I’d like to try, so I jumped up onto a rock next to the cart, then jumped up onto the cart, then ran down the cart onto the horses, then leapt off the horse, drawing my blade mid-air and whackin the guy. Didn’t quite turn out that way as the horse bucked and I fell off its head. Anyhoo, we made short work of the patrol cept one of ‘em got away. Dira passed out from the excitement and Granite yelled somethin about it, and chased down one guy who got away. Bobo, newguy and me hopped on a horse and chased after the other guy that got away. We rode and rode and rode and rode until we caught up with him later on that night.

We killed him and turned back to meet up with the group. But the group wasn’t there when we got there. We found the cart all smashed up stashed away in some bushes. We decided to hang out and try to use our magik rings to get us back to our tower and clean up and re-equip.

Adventure log 6 by Zero Orsi

So we spent ANOTHER few days in Stret. Man, this place used to be cool, but now we jus can’t seem to leave this stinkin rathole of a town! We had asked the blacksmith to build a cart so we could lug all our crap up to Ogil. I had some crap, Bobo had Crap and the creepy new gnome..okay, he didn’t have much crap. But I had a lot of crap. So we head to Ogil. It was pretty much safe trip until just a day or so outside the city. All of a sudden a big lion pounced onto the trail in front of us. I wasn’t impressed, but it had kinda a good feelin to it. An aura that was all nicey-nice. I KNEW it had to go down. I pulled out my blade and charged it. I hear the pale gnome chantin sometin weird. <sigh> Mages… I close the distance and go toe to toe with the beast. Suddenly a giant club came down and bashed it. I looked up to see a dang big guy. He was all smelly and rotten. He had some worms and stuff still dangling and chewin on him. I had to kinda fight to keep my lunch down, but I continued my attack on the lion. We killed it without too much trouble. We were talkin’ about what to do with it when a female came upon us. She said something like “oh you mighty and brave warrior, might I please have a piece of that beastie that you oh so manly and effortlessly slew?” She was a shopkeep in Greyhawk. She introduced herself as Layna. She was also pretty easy on the eyes too. I knew she wanted me, but I had to get to Ogil for business. She said she had a shop of magic items in Greyhawk. Never did get the name of it though. She gave us some potions that would heal us after battles as payment for the beastie’s heart. Layna also voulenteered to take the body of the beast back to Greyhawk to get it stuffed for me. When I get my tower I’ll put it there. That’ll be great. So in Ogil we find out from our contacts that we’re only a day behind the other guys. We get some gold and a round trip ticket ticket to some place across the ocean. Yidree they said it was. We’re supposed to get a book and bring it back. Something about instructions on killing a big un-killable demon killing guy whose wreaking havok on the local cities. While the boss is happy with him screwing around with the goodie-goodie people, we don’t want him to get too big for his britches. We want to be able to bring him down if we need to. Seems like a good plan. With my newfound wealth I commissioned a wagonwright to make me a gnome home, and we head out on the boat. I’ll pick up the wagon when we get back with the book. It was a mostly uneventful sea voyage, and we trained on the boat, I learn to be a bit better with my sword and the other guys learn a bit more stealthy secrets.

Adventure Log 7 By Zero

So we get to Yidree and hook up with the rest of the guys. They started out runnin from us for some weird reason. Weird. Why would Dira and the elf-chick run from us? Eventually that wizard showed up too. I guess they were trainin. They tried to replace me with this walking mountain of an orc. He seemed like a good fighter, but he wasn’t me. He didn’t seem to be the smartest thing though. Didn’t have a clue what I was saying. Ah well. At least they tried. So I get my ogre head made into a helmet. It looks cool and everythin’ We purchased riding dogs with special saddles and saddlebags, and then made our way to the ruins where this book was gonna be. On the path we heard signs of battle. We crested the hill and saw a mighty blue dragon fighting some druid and a lion. Man, these lions are everywhere! The blue was wearing a collar which signified that this was its adult-challenge. I tried to reign in the party, but the party had already picked sides and started lobbing spells and arrows and what-not. The dragon easily got the upper hand on the elf-chick. She let off some spell that caused us all to run away. Freakin’ magic. I hate that stuff sometimes. From what I gathered after we left the dragon killed her lion and lopped off the elf’s arm before she teleported away. The draon then tossed a few attacks at my party. They deserved it after all, interfering with the challenge. After the spell wore off we returned and I approached and asked the blue his name and what the situation was. He said his name was Amberdell, and he had been hunting this elven lady. Her name was Kiree. A druid of some ability I guess. Well, she did evade the killing blow of Amberdell. So I guess I won’t be tangling with her at all. I gave Amberdell the only money I had, a gem of some value. Granite gave up a spear too. I guess he had thrown a spell at the dragon. Not very bright if you ask me. After we finished our chat with the blue, somebody behind me tackled me. Behind me I heard.

“Zero! I’ve finally found you! I’ve missed you so much!” I turn around to find my little baby brother Kirble! Now there’s someone I hadn’t thought about in a while. I guess he’d picked up the worship of Tiamat as well. Seeing Kirble brought up some memories of whyI had left my home. I was seeing this girl, her name was Kissla Maxell and we were in love. She was beautiful and I would have done anything for her. We were in my home and she had tripped over something and crashed into the wall. The fake statue to Momekar fell down and revealed the statue and shrine to Tiamat I had picked up in my journies. Needless to say she wasn’t happy. She ran out and told my parents, who were equally as displeased. I said very little as I packed my gear and left my home. That was the last time I saw Kissla. I had heard that she married some rich stuffy merchant. Grah…..I hate thinkin’ about the past. It is good to see Kirble though. Seems he’s become a monk of Tiamat with some tattoos. Always tryin to follow in the footsteps of his big brother I guess. That’s good though. Now we’re together and we can spread the word of our goddess with two mouths instead of one.

We stopped to camp for the night and slept. Midway through the night some part metal part gross guy attacked us. We cut him down and I took his metallic arms as a trophy. Granite told us that it was called a Dread. Ya, it was ugly. And it cut me up pretty good. Thank Tiamat I had got that ring of healing to fix me up. I was fine and fully healed by morning. We left in the morning and came across some pedestals. In the distance between them was a cave. We were investigating them when some guy strode in wearing shiny armor. Kirble said he was a champion of something. This guy introduced himself as Quinn and asked everybody to grovel. I didn’t grovel, but I gave him the respect he deserved. Kirble said he was a champion, that means he’s powerful, I’ll respect that. Quinn was acting all big and tough when the elf chick said something about “you can kill any gnome you want” and put her right where she belonged. On the outside of the circle of us gnomes. I’m sure we’ll all be glad when she gets hers. But we’ll keep it among ourselves. Quin took the elf chick off and did something with her. All the rest of the gnomes stayed down on the ground while he was away. The two of them came back and both looked satisfied. She probably sold us all out for her latest lay. We might have to kill him later. By Tiamat let me have that honor of slaying his smug champion ass when I’m able. He said we could go and strode off. He said something about he was stationed in Brell and would welcome us there if we brought him proof of slain Diamondkeep soldiers. Yeah, like we’ll do his dirty work. Riiiiight. Dira wanted to explore the caves, but we had a mission to do, and a timeline to do it in. So we left for the ruins and came across a great forest, where Dira planted something he had been carrying around. Dira said the local druid’s name was a goodie named Butterscotch. Man, I love those things! I wonder if we’re gonna meet another druid by the name of chocolate or somethin’ like that. Some lady showed up. She said her name was Lady Rodercirlce, and our stealth-gnome gave her a candle. We chatted briefly and she told us about the baddies we might encounter in the ruins. Said something about a banshee and various undead. We finally got to the ruins that night. We rested for the evening, and began in the morning our jouney inside the ruins. We were unable to open the front door so clever Kirble climbed up the wall and drove a piton into the roof. Through which he fed a rope, which allowed the rest of us to climb the wall with ease. We knew the book was in a tower, so we headed for the nearest tower. We entered and found much rubble. One pile even attacked us! I don’t even know what it was but I hacked at it anyways. Eventually it belched out a cloud of dust and a whole lot of copper. I guess we had defeated it I kinda looked around the rubble for some sort of monster hoping to find something to take as a trophy.

We went back outside and found Elenwyl laying on the ground She was dead. No wound or anything. Just dead.

Adventure Log 8 by Zero

So we’re searchin the rest of the ruins. We come into this room with a really old tapesty hanging. It’s got these big creatures on ‘em. Granite says they’re called ele-phants or somethin’ like that. Giant things. I guess there were people here who used ‘em as mounts. And war creatures and stuff. Granite told us a story of the people. It was kinda neat, learnin about the people who were here and stuff. So that got boring real quick and we left. There was this door, Seebo picked a buncha locks and we got most of ‘em open. One of ‘em opened up to have some crazy flying lady. We killed her easy enough, but she didn’t go away…she just sorta turned sorta transparent and floated there. I poked her with my sword and nothing happened. I watched her while the crew ransacked the room she came out of. Her fingernails turned long and black though. That was kinda creepy. Granite found a book, and said it wasn’t the book we were told to go find. Me trying to be helpful in the door opening I pulled open a door only to be sprayed by oil. Before I could wonder why the heck anybody would spray anybody with oil somebody lit a spark and poof. Instant Gnome flambé…I was never much for eyebrows anywyas... So we entered the next room and found a buncha tables with a buncha stuff on ‘em. A couple of pages, a pair of vials and a bag of coins. Seebo asked Dira if he could have two copper coins that were sitting on a table. I could see Dira pondering it for a while and then reluctantly she agreed. Cheez! Two lousy copper coins. What a greedy thing she is. So we found a statue of a guy. Seebo found a door under it and we took the path. It led to a shiny warm room that made me feel kinda queasy. All warm and fuzzy and whatnot. Next thing we know gargoyles are swarmin in from all directions. Their screeching distracts me a bit and next thing I know, the doors are closed and Granite is off somewhere else, leaving me on my own to fight a hundred or so Gargoyles. Next thing I know I’m on the other side of the doors, and I can feel a cold spot on my back. So we left that room. I marked it on a piece of paper granite had that we had to come back. I’d say in a few years when Tiamat has blessed me with a bit more strength. We’re gonna clean house. So in the main room of the ruins of the keep, there was a well. Somebody said “there’s alllways cool stuff in wells” So I hopped in the bucket and they lowered me down. Lo and behold there was a tunnel down there. It lead into a cave where there was this guy in a tube. He was all armored and he had the symbols of the goddess of gnomes. We deemed him worthy to save and we opened the case. Granite spoke some mumbo-jumbo and poof. The tube broke away and the guy stood up. He said his name was Meridien Kesin and he was set upon by some unsavory folks who used his own magiks against him. I guess the tube wasn’t supposed to work like that. He said something about Angelic creatures looking for items and I kinda zoned out. He told us that the ghost lady was something called an awenza, and it would be back in a few months. I guess they take a while to restore themselves. I guess they’re really good against mages… I guess they’ve got the nickname “Mage Bane” but I’ve got my buddy’s back. I won’t let no mage bane thing get near him. He may be an elf, but he’s blastin stuff pretty good these days. Seebo did a smart thing and put those two copper coins in the eyes of the floating ghost-lady and she came back to life. She became a cute little halfling and gave Seebo a treasure. Dira was on it like white on rice. “What is is? What does it do? Can I have it? Can I have it? What does it do? We should split it fairly so I get a big cut and can blah blah blah blah..” Yeeesh… she’s starting to get on my nerves. So we left the keep and headed back to Yidree, apparently the book we had WAS the right book after all. On the way some big flying things approached Dira. Dira said they were dragons, but they were way uglier than any dragons I had seen. And I know Dragons. Isn’t Dira supposed to know animals or something? So Dira left with the flying things, and the Elf left for a forest nearby. Seebo and I waited….and waited….and waited….and waited… Untill Dira came back. Then Granite came back. Then the rings all flared up for some wacky reason. I didn’t activate it or nothing. I wondered what it was for a second when Dira was all “let’s go in this cave, I’m not gonna make a profit on this trip because of blah blah blah blah blah…..” Dangit. So we entered the cave and get attacked by these flying snake things. We kill ‘em easy enough, but Dira summons a swarm and it ends up attacking me. Stupid Swarm. I hate that magik she uses. The damn things always bite me.

So Granite dropped a few ka-blooey spells and it made ‘em crispy. I cut ‘em up real good and we left the cave.

Adventure Log 9 by Zero

So we get to Yidree and there’s a message from Bea. “Swing over to this other town, trade this ring for a gnome Bard named Kelikos, and come on back with the gnome” Not a problem. We prep briefly and head out. We’re supposed to find him in Glomewood, which is just south of Dragon-eye Lake. I guess they’ll be camped out 3 days east of Balder City. So we hung around so Dira could train. We hung out MORE so Dira could train. Finally we get out of Yidree. We made it to Larry with no problems. What a silly name for a town. Larry…. Went all the way to Balder with not a single problem. Sometimes I like problems to break up my day. It gives me a chance to vent. So Balder is also known as Hellfire. It used to be called Whitefire. I guess there’s a big group of Mephistopheles…mepestopeles…mepe…whatever… people there. There’s a HUGE gemstone out front of the gates just waiting for us. We stayed at the Ox and Dog. Nice place. I had quite a fun bar brawl. The innkeeper was a female half-orc who looked like she could clean MY clock pretty good. One of these days I’ll have to throw a mug of mead at her and see how I fare. Next time we come back I’ll give that a shot. So we get roughly to the area where we’re supposed to be. Giant Hornets attack us at night. I get stung a few times, but nothing to worry about. I cut everything up pretty good and didn’t end up too badly hurt afterwards. But my ring fixed me up. Man I love this ring. It suddenly got chilly as it seemed the months were changing really quickly. First it was summer, then it was winter…where’s the druid’s weather control when you need it… oh…didn’t remember it today. Maybe tomorrow. We we found the group we were looking for. Or at least really good likeness statues of them. really great craftsmanship. Who would make statues way out here? They were standing around a campfire and everything! Wow, what an eye for detail. I wonder if the sculptor will be here later on. Maybe I should get a statue of myself to put in my gnome-home when I pick it up in Ogil. So we folled a trail, more like drag marks into a clearing. There were a few guys chatting about a box or something. Granite waved his hands and poof! A pair of bison appeared and ran into the clearing. Not wanting to be one-upped by magic, I jumped up onto one of the beastie’s heads and rode him into the fight. I think I picked the wrong beastie as the ground around it fell away into a 20 foot hole bottoming in a spike trap I managed to grab the edge before the bison fell down and started mooing something fierce. I used all my muscles to leap out of the hole and come down with my blade out. I think I looked pretty darn cool doin it too. So we killed those guys no sweat, but there was something in the trees shooting lightning bolts off at our spellcasters. Both of whom began to search the trees and make them go kablooey. Okay, Granite made them go kablooey, Dira was just looking around. There was a whirlwind monster all of a sudden. We took it down no problem. Dira and Granite left shouting something about the bad guy had left and they were following it. Dira changed into a bird and Granite cast some spell. Seebo and I opened the box up and divied up the treasure. Stupid punks didn’t have anything on them. We followed the trail and it lead to a cave which we entered. There was this big room filled with mushrooms. They were even taller than I am! Suddenly some kinda gunky stuff hit me from my front left side. It burned a lot and hurt like hell! It made my sword all slippery and I ended up throwing it at the rogue. Whoops. The bear rushed into the rescue. The bear bit it, and it bit the bear back, who ran away yelping. Seebo and I got on either sides of the thing and slashed the hell outta the monster, me stabbing it’s face and Seebo stabbing it in the butt. Eventually it dropped. But not before chewing on me pretty good, which left me really really weak. I sat down on a mushroom to wait until my ring fixed myself up a little bit. Dira and Seebo went out to check up on the bear. Meanwhile our wizard leapt into a pool that was in the room. He looked a little green before he lept in, but he likes that changing shapes magik. It looks like fun too. I’d like to be a dragon and eat people. I wonder what eating a whole person is like? Anyhoo, Granite stayed down there a long time and eventually came up bleeding and bruised. He looked pretty bad off too. Before we know it, two transparent people appear in front of us. Granite blasts them with the heat spell he likes so much. I stood in front of him, full well knowing that I couldn’t take much more damage. I hacked the ghosts pretty good and with one more ball of fire, they run away. Grantie and I high-five and look down the hole Granite had just come out of. We waited to heal up a bit longer and suddenly the elf thinks it’d be a good idea to kill whatever it was that hurt him down there. I down my regeneration potion, and the wizard drops another ka-blooey fire spell down the hole. I stand at the top of the hole waiting to hack anything that comes near me. The elf and I did pretty good, we killed the giant wave monster and it died. It even had me sucked up for a while there, and I was swinging at it from the inside. Seebo and Dira came back both bickering and shouting and claiming the other one was possessed. When we were all discussing it, Dira changed into a bird and left. Gee, if I were possessed, the FIRST thing I’d do is flee the scene. Yup, he’s possessed. We thought it would be best if we all went back to town and got them both checked out by clerics. The good kind of clerics who know about possession. On our way out I found my riding dog, with all my gear statued as well. Dangit! I’m gonna kill whatever turned my dog into a staute. Poor Doggie. Poor….STONER. I’m naming this dang dog. We ran into a pair of owlbears, and while fighting them I passed out. I woke up with Granite pouring potions down my gullet. So we march back to Hellfire, Whitefire…Balder…whatever they call it these days and head to the biggest whitest cleanest church we could find. The Great Church. I figure these guys will be able to tell if Seebo is possessed or not. Some old coot out front checks Seebo over and says he’s clean. I spend ALL my money to get a scroll that Granite can read to thaw out Stoner. We run into Dira, who’s training AGAIN. We tell her we need to take her to a church to be checked out. She complains and complains and complains. Even to the point of leaving. Something convinced her the church was a good idea. We visited the church of that M guy, Seeing as how Dira’s skin is red and she’s got horns. That might be an issue at the great church. Dira left about that point. Good riddance I say. She was just slowing us down anyways. She even said that she didn’t trust us when we were talking with those flying things.

  <Cue flashback>  

Flying thing – “Do you trust him?”


Dira – “ah…uhhh….aah…..he’s saved my life a few times? So maybe kinda sorta?”

  <Fade back in>  

We went back to the cave and found some more statues. One of which was a female human. And she was bearing the mark of Tiamat! Using the scroll I had purchased to un-stone Stoner, we thawed out the human. Boy was she a looker. She got down on her knees to look me in the eyes with those big beautiful blue eyes and said “thank you my lord, I will follow you and your quest to spread the word of our goddess, the Dark Queen. We went into the cave and wandered around. We fought a lizard guy and dispatched him pretty quickly. Granite said it could fix my dog! So we lopped off his head and stuffed it in a bag. We talked to a lady in the next room. But nobody wanted to go into the room to look at her. Granite said she could turn you into a statue. I guess THIS was the artist who made all those statues! The gnome was in there, laying down. He looked pretty beat up. We talked to the lady briefly, and the wizard summoned more bulls and they charged her. There was a wall of ice, and a fireball and lots of steam. The bull was fighting the lady and I ran up to the bull and began to fight the lady from under the bull. Granted, I had a bull – dong hitting my helmet, but I couldn’t see anything above the lady’s legs. Seemed like a good place to stand when your fighting a lady who can turn you to stone by looking at you…somewhere you can’t see her face. So between the bull’s horns and my sword in her legs, we dropped her too. Granite lopped her head off too and threw it in another bag. We talked to the gnome as we cleaned up the place. Seebo was kind enough to pull a magik cart out of his pocket that grew. We hooked Stoner up to the cart and loaded everything of value onto the cart and began our trek back to yidree, and then back to Ogil. I wonder if Bea’s gonna want her ring back?

Adventure Log 10 & 11 by Zero

We left the medusa’s cave feeling good for ourselves. We got ourselves a new cleric of tiamat, we got to slay horrific beasties and we also managed to make a fairly good penny in the process. We loaded up our spoils into the magical pocket cart that Seebo had found, hitching it up to my long faithful dog Stoner. We then began our long journey back to Yidree, by way of Balder and Larry. In Balder, at the Dog and Ox inn again, I tried to throw down with the innkeeper, a big female Half Orc named D'banshk.. I musta had a bad night, because she swept me up in her arms like a baby. I tried all I could, but I couldn’t break free. Oooooh…I’ll get her later. I got pretty drunk that evening to take the edge off the bad mood I was in. The next day on the way to Larry an weird thing happened. Some lady asked to borrow our Medusa head. This kinda creeped us out because we didn’t tell anyone we had one. We refused pretty much outright, and the following evening, lo and behold, the head went missing. It then re-appeared the next night just outside the city gates. At least whoever had taken it returned it with payment. A magical ring, still attached to the hand and arm of it’s former wearer. I may not like her, but I certainly like her style! Oh yeah, some pansy white horse had appeared and rode along side the party for a while. It had a big pretty horn on its head. I bet THAT woulda fetched a pretty price in Yidree. Granite went over and talked with it. I was half expectin to see some fireworks when he gestured a bit…but nothing. He just sorta talked with it. Maybe it spread its pansy-ness to him for a while. Man, we gotta get him some tail. Or in a bar brawl, that’ll help him out too. After seein the pansy horse, some monsters jumped out at us. Not sure what they were, but I cut ‘em down no problem. Half of their group fled before we had time to kill ‘em. Man, they should team up with the horse! So we got to Larry no problem. Just outside Larry Wone told me she knew how to make my sword better. So we did. We lit a big fire, poured some blood into it and held the fire over the fire. Now my sword is better. I can feel it cut easier and harder than it did before. We left for Yidree and got there no problems. I picked up the trophy I had stuffed. The Blue Snakey flying thing…I’m gonna have to have somebody tell me it’s name. We got on the boat and sailed back to Ogil, where I picked up my Gnome Home. Course they weren’t done with it. So they said they’d work round the clock and get it done in 3 days. But BOY, was that thing worth it. Two levels of Gnome traveling heaven. The bottom floor is the planning area, there’s a storage area and a table and chairs and a ladder that leads to the second floor. The second floor is my bedroom, with a huge bed, human sized even! A bedside table, and a couch for company. Nice like. So Bea had told us to bring the gnome-bard to a town in the south called Dewberry. We got to Stret and decided to stop in and see how Bobo, Silith and the big lug were doin. Turns out Stret has been taken somewhere. No Swine tower, no buildings, no campfires, no nothing. The furniture was still where the houses were, but every wall had been taken. That strikes me as a feat to do. Granite started walkin towards the graveyard, sayin something about hearing music. Lyin there was our cleric we had left here way back when. The short cute one. My cleric gets her up and goin and before we know it, Granite and the cleric are walkin towards this crazy hole that appears mid-air. Now I’m not that smart, but I know goin through a dark hole hangin mid-air can’t be too good a plan. But Granite and Lorrillia seem determined. I tell Seebo to take down Lorrillia and I tackle Granite. I threw myself at the back of his knees and he dropped like a bag of rocks. I even managed to pin him for a little bit. Imagine that…me…Zero, three feet tall stopping a six foot sun elf. I’m impressed with myself. You can be too. I’ll hold up. Yeah, drink that in. Yeeeeaaaaahhhh…… Okay, so Granite breaks free of my pin, and jumps into the hole. Apparantly Seebo isn’t having much more luck as Lorrillia jumps through next to Granite. I yell back to Wone to guard the Gnome Home and the bard while I fetch Granite. After a quick prayer to Tiamat, and a curse to that blasted Vulcan for letting Granite go into the damn hole in the first place, Seebo and I leap through the hole. Of Course, the damn hole closed up behind us. We heard some lightning and thunder. Normally I’m cool with that stuff…but it seemed creepy here. The first thing we saw was a mangled corpse, black blood was oozing around it. Granite said that there was still that music playing. I didn’t hear nothing, so I didn’t care about it. We rooted through the corpse and found a regular longsword and a magic bow and some magic arrows. I don’t know how, but I think I’m starting to know how to determine which items have the hoobie-joobie in ‘em and which don’t. We got attacked by some creepy flying guys. I dropped ‘em all. One of ‘em… ‘e looked like the gangleader…. was pickin on Lorrillia. Since I like having a cleric around, I tumbled in between them and cut him down with two swings. Next thing we know, Kirble is crawlin out of Granite’s bag wonderin what’s goin on. After explaining to Kirble, we went down the road a bit and we came to a creepy graveyard with some creepy ivy and a creepy front gate. We went into what looked like a creepy little town and saw a bard playing for some dancing skeletons. He looked familiar somehow…like I’d seen him before…a long time ago. But I drew a blank. His fingers were all bleeding and raw… I think I even saw a bone. He asked us to help, but since we’re us….we didn’t. We left the town and ended up in a creepy forest. Where all of a sudden we were surrounded by at least a hundred skeletons and zombies. Falling back on his trick, the wizard blasted a bunch of em, with his ka-blooey magik and lots of ‘em fell back down. I got nicked by a few of them, no big wounds at all.


Zero held his ground bravely as wave after wave of mindless undead shambled towards him. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a second batch of undead stalking their way towards his companions Seebo and Lorrillia. Lorrilia and Seebo both had some wounds and appeared to be concerned with this fresh assault. Zero knew while battleling his current group of enemies he couldn’t get to his friends in time. He glanced around and something caught his eye. A smirk appeared on his face as he slashed a zombie in two, and ran over towards a tall black tree. With a dragon-like roar he spun himself to build up momentum, he made a two full turns before pulling out his mighty blade and digging in deep into the tree’s trunk. The lighting attack fired off sending smoldering splinters everywhere. For a second, Zero saw light underneath his cut. With a great groan the huge tree fell down, smashing the entire group of undead while Lorrillia and Seebo were merely brushed by the smaller boughs of the tree, as it landed heavily next to them.

A small group of remnent zombies attacked us, Kirble and I stood side by side and we smashed the things until there was nothing but an obliterated pulp.

I looked around and thought I saw shiny dust covering everything. It was weird. Like the trees had been shaken during the fight and sprinkled it on us. Everything was covered in the stuff. The dead guys, the ground, us…everything. I tried to say something about it, but ended up not. Granite looked at me funny. So I stopped. Must not be important. We thought about resting, but then decided not too as our options were the creepy forest, the creepy graveyard, or the creepy town. Granite changed into that Gnoll thing again and cast more spells on himself. I guess he’s runnin low on hoobie-joobie power. We ran into some real colorful pillars with gargoyles on ‘em.. The next thing we know we’re neck deep in gargoyles. Of course, I racked up the most kills dropping about 30 myself.

Zero and Lorrillia were in two separate combat groups fighting gargoyles. Zero had just slain a gargoyle and was no longer surrounded by the monsters. One was left, standing between Zero and Lorrillia. The halfling broke into a full run and charged towards the back of the gargoyle. She hopped gracefully on the back of it’s reversed leg, and lept up onto it’s head, where she drove her mace down forcefully onto it’s skull. Zero meanwhile had charged from the other side and slashed it’s legs neatly off at the thighs. With a startled cry, Lorrillia fell off the monster’s head. Zero quickly acted and caught the halfling in his strong arms. He winked at her and said “thanks for droppin in!” and gently placed her back on her feet. The bruised and bloody party stood amongst the defeated gargoyles with a look of victory.

What the heck are we gonna do now? We can’t rest here? Granite AND Lorillia are outta hoobie-joobie power and I’m kinda busted up too. Gotta find some place to hole up….

Adventure Log 12 by Zero

So we open the door to the creepy house, and we see two bodies lyin on the floor. We went in to check ‘em out, and the second we cross the threshold, I start to feel a bit queasy. Like my lunch wanted to have a chat about its accommodations. Our cleric woke the two bodies and they were a big human knight and a Gnome fighter. Score one more gnome for the gnomish brigade. We managed to squelch the feeling of sickness, and wandered around. We found a kitchen that looked like it had been ransacked good. We fought some ghost monsters…one of them hit me and it sapped the strength from me. I felt weaker than I had in years. We managed to beat them, even in my weakened state I personally sent two of the four back to wherever they came from. We camped out at the bottom of a set of stairs. I felt better after sleeping, but still felt weak. Granite made his way up the stairs, and I followed. Kirble had gone up and said something about a fruity guy reading a book. He also mentioned there was glass on the stairs. So Granite and I go and chat with the guy. Kirble was right…this guy was a dick! Before I know what happened Granite is chanting and the other guy is covered in webs. Another few seconds and the webs are on fire. Uh… I guess we’re fighting him. Kirble and the rest of the guys came back up the stairs. Kirble charged the fruity guy and punched it a few times. Suddenly it exploded, and the fruity guy wasn’t there anymore. There was a big winged guy. He was wielding a fruity rapier though. Man, we can take this guy even in my beat up shape. Fruity rapier wielding winged guy. So Senior Fruit pokes Kirble and my bro laughs it off. The Gnome-Adama was his name charged in and attacked, he missed and caught his sword on the guy’s pants. The big human ran up and attacked too, also missing. Seebo ran up and threw his hands at the guy. I ran up and swung my blade…a miss! Fruity Mc Fruits a lot ran around me and stuck me with his toothpick. Yeouch! For a toothpick that thing stings! The knight ran up, and so did Seebo’s hands. Both swung and missed. I could hear Kirble wishing the guy away, but it wasn’t working. He was missing us just as much as we were missing him. Every now and again I’d score a hit, but the wounds would rip open, and then seal themselves back up again. We had him surrounded, and we were all still missing. I swung a good 15 times and scored a single hit. I thought of a new tactic and tried using myself as a weapon…

Zero’s brow furrowed as he swung again and again and again at his foe. He was getting more and more frustrated with this enemy. Backing up against the wall, he leapt up into the air, and pivoted his body towards his adversaries’ knees. Using all the strength available, he pushed off of the wall and careened towards the legs of his opponent. He remembered the demonstrations his master had showed him, a strike at this angle would splinter the knee bone and dislodge it quite painfully. Zero felt this would give his group the edge in defeating this monster. As he leapt, he saw his opponent gracefully leap into the air and removed his knee from the oncoming assault. Zero’s eyes went wide as he flew across the room and fell to the ground heavily. With a curse in draconic he got himself up and ran back into the fray.

By this point everybody had hit the guy at least once. Course, they’d also missed at least a dozen times apiece too. Kirble must have given up hope and he dropped to his knees and surrendered. My jaw dropped. Kirble? Surrender? One by one the party followed his lead and stopped their attacks. Fruity guy snorted haughtily and told us to leave. The cleric bought our freedom somehow. She stayed behind while we all left. Before I left the room I locked my eyes with his. I found some of his blood on my blade where I had scored a hit on him. I ran my finger along the blade in the same spot, mixing our bloods. In draconic I growled furiously

“By the fury and wrath of Tiamat I vow to slay you myself….later” We left for downstairs and left the house.

Again on our exit the hoards of the undead assaulted us. We clobbered them no problem. Even with me in my weakened state we had no concerns. We found the portal and jumped through. I looked around…no wagon…and no Cleric rejoicing at my return. and Kirble had vanished too! All in all it was a bad day. We made it to a nearby inn in a town called Winterborn. I made it upstairs and slept for a good day or two. During that time Granite did some recon and found out that 5 months had passed since we left through the portal. But…it was only a day? Damn! Wone! Bea! The damn Gnome!

We asked the ring to hoobie-joobie us back to Dewbury, suddenly Poof! We were there. I ran to the Adventurers guild and sent out some messages…one to Bea, one to Wone, and one to my Cleric friend on the Rogue Islands asking about what had happened to us. Where did we go? Why did it take 5 months to get back? It was only a day! I know clerics and wizards are good with that other world-not here stuff. Something called plans of existance? I dunno. I always thought plans were made when you thought of ideas to accomplish goals. Not crazy places that were weird and creepy and not normal-like. I’ll have to ask Granite to explain them to me again. So Dewbury was big enough for us to find a teacher for the wizard. Figured a guy like him could just sorta…think up new stuff and be able to do it. The Wizard said he’d be three months training. Three whole months! What the heck are we gonna do in the meantime? I got a message from Bea and Wone. Wone had completed our mission and collected the payment. Good girl. She deserves all of it for not making us look bad. Seebo and Granite both piped up about their share, but I ignored ‘em. Granit went off to school and Seebo, Horus and I looked around for work.

Adventure Log 12.5

So while we were waiting for Granite to finish up his training, we asked Bea for some work. Before too long, she contacted us with a job to do. “Take this magic item, and put it in this magic place in this temple” seems like a piece of cake. We head out to the Temple located in the Myrerth forest on the west coast of Mineral Islands it was a few day trek to get out there. Mostly ran into people on the trail. Nobody attacked us, no monsters tried to eat us. It was very relaxing. I was riding Stoner, and Wone was riding a war pony. We had Seebo and Horus the knight with us. We made it to the Myrath forest with no problems. We left the trail and followed the signs to the temple. We came into a grove of trees that were drippin some red liquid. I tried using my ability to see magic, but I was rewarded with a big headache. I think I remember Granite telling me something about “the elves give up their experience to the forest, making them all magical” Aparantly we had more than elves to worry about as a few dozen spiders leapt out of the trees and attacked us. The weird part was they came right out of the trees. Not leapt off of the trees, but they oozed out of the branches, formed into spiders and leapt at us. They shot off some webs, and bit Horus’s horse up pretty good, but thanks to Tiamat’s strength, we were victorious. After the battle was over, the spiders returned to their wooden forms. I picked up two that were intact and packed them on Stoner. We rested the night and then proceeded into the temple in the morning. We entered the temple, and were nearly instantly attacked by some bulls! They looked like the bulls that Granite summons to attack people. After taking them down them we found ourselves a staff and a horn. The horn looked familiar somehow. It was white and brilliant. I felt weird after picking it up, but nothing happened, so I tossed them both in a bag and we continued on. Seebo tripped and fell down a hole, and I tried to help him out, but I slipped too and we both fell 20 feet down into another room. In this room there were two bears. We took them down no problem. They poofed too when we killed them, I guess they were summoned beasties too. The others joined us, climbing down the nearby ladder. We came to a room and saw 4 elves standing defensively in a room. Seebo did his hand-throwing trick and spooked one of them, but suddenly a wall of fire sprang up! YEOUCH! That’s hot! We retreated into the hallway to strengthen and I made a brief prayer to Tiamat for a favorable outcome in the fight to come. We waited for the wall to go out. It took a while, but eventually it did. We ran in and killed the elves one by one until only one remained. He seemed to be the type to use the hoobie-joobie, and he jumped and flew into the air! He was a few feet off the ground…


Zero looked at the wizard who had just launched himself into the air. Growling a curse in draconic, the gnome charged, the remaining elven guard swung clumsily at Zero, who ran past and used a box as a step and leapt into the air, swinging his massive sword in the direction of the flying elf. The swing was good, and the elf had to fly higher to avoid the swing, a scrap of fabric was sliced of the bottom of his robes and it fell down to earth slowly. With a chant, the elf rippled like a puddle and vanished from sight.

The big human took down the last guard, and I pulled out the bow I had purchased. I fired a few shots and heard a hit or two. I still couldn’t see him though. My cleric ran to the door and shut it to prevent the escape, but no luck, a cloud appeared and we heard the sound of the door opening and closing with a loud thud. I ran out and shot a few arrows into the air, but they all missed. We returned to the room, found the symbols on the floor and placed out magic item in the one we had been instructed too. The circle around the symbol flared up and then died back down again. I picked up two holy symbols from the fallen warriors. I then bashed some boxes and knocked some items over. Better to have the elves think this was a smash job rather than whatever it was we had just done.


We left for Sorcerer's City, as it was right near us and we still had some time to kill.

Adventure Log 12.75 by Zero

Wandering through the woods on our way to Sorcerer's City we heard the sound of an axe chopping wood. It was on the way towards the path, so we decided to investigate. Not long after we came to yet another gnome chopping a tree down with his axe. This one was curious though, as his eyes were all white, and his hair was just as white. He had kinda a creepy look to him. But he seemed nice. We greeted each other and soon we had another party member. His name was Elmoe, and aside from being a bit insane, he seemed okay. He said he was cutting elven wood to make scrimshaw. I nodded, not having the faintest idea what scrimshaw was. Seebo chimed in and said, “You can’t make scrimshaw with wood, its got to be Ivory!” I looked back at Elmoe, who seemed confused. Well…he is a gnome. I shrugged and we continued on for Sorcerer's City and before we knew it, the great city laid before us. Wow…dat’s a big city. We decided to camp for the night before entering the city. Elmoe was on watch, so I got some shuteye. I was awoken to a groan from my cleric. Stoner began to bark too. I woke up to see some girl lying on top of her. I could see Wone’s hands reaching desperately for something while I ran up and began to lay into the lady with my blade. I looked around and saw that another guy was making out with the knight. I guess we’ve got two baddies.

I had a few good cuts in when suddenly, the lady exploded into a cloud of dust. Through the dust I could see a holy symbol of Tiamat. Each of the heads on the symbol were movin, each tiny set of eyes glowing. I could have sworn I heard a roar too… I helped Wone up to her feet and she turned her symbol on the other one. The five tiny dragonheads each again began to move, their little eyes alight with power, and the other nasty exploded in a similar fashion, leaving Horus covered in dust. The heads on the symbol moved back into place and the symbol was silent again.

We hastily entered Sorcerer's City and went to a church, where I paid to have one healed of whatever nastiness the monsters outside town had done. We took a mission from the adventurer’s guild and entered the giant dungeon in Sorcerer's City. I guess it’s a local tourist trap. While in the adventurer’s guild we came upon another gnome. He was wearing heavy armor with a holy symbol emblazoned on the chest plate. I didn’t recognize it. Wone told me who it was. He said he was the greatest spellcaster ever to be. That seemed like a good hook…plus he’s a gnome. So we took him to our party and then we went into the dungeon and wandered around a bit. We came to a room and found a bridge spanning over a huge chasm. Before we knew it tentacles lashed out and had grabbed Elmoe and pulled him up. The new guy cast a spell and it lit up the area where the baddies were. There were two giant sucker things on the ceiling with mouths and tentacles were tryin to eat us! They tried to get me, but I stabbed it with an arrow and it let me go. I pulled out my sword and cut it really good, I grinned as the lightning coursed through its body. Stoner was even biting at the beastie. Good dog, I don’t know what I’d do without your help. Elmoe kicked off the ceiling and pulled one of the beasties down to the bridge with us. The new guy said, “Stand back! I’m going to summon a great bird of power!” and began chanting. The beastie on the ceiling lashed out a tentacle and grabbed stoner, reflexively I grabbed onto my faithful steed, hoping to weigh down the load and so the baddie couldn’t lift him. I climbed up the dog with an arrow in my teeth, ready to stab the thing. I guess it was scared of me as it tossed us both over the edge! I caught onto Stoner with one hand and the ledge of the bridge with another. I prayed to Tiamat for strength, and I suddenly had footing. I lifted myself up and Stoner clawed his way up my back for purchase. We both fell into a heap on the bridge. In my exhausted and wounded state I could have sworn I saw a great shimmering dragon wing where my mystical footing appeared. The rest of the party dispatched one beastie and the other one began to run away. I fired some arrows at it, but didn’t hit with enough of them. Soon it ran off into the shadows. We left the room and entered the next one. It was entirely forested. More like Jungled. There were trees and jungles and it was crazy. Had we entered another one of those dimenshunel spaces? Suddenly a beast ran across the tunnel. It was followed by another much larger beastie that looked like a pig. Seebo and Elmoe leapt to fight the giant boar. I ran up but Seebo’s cohort was blocking the way. Six seconds later she backed off and let me get up to the monsters flank. I hacked at it and it ran away, towards Seebo and Elmoe who had run away themselves. I watched as the boar picked up speed and charged the two gnomes. I heard two screams and saw two separate blood spatters shoot off in different directions. I thought to myself “he was a bit weird” and then realized Seebo had died too. Seebo had been with me for quite a while. The boar turned around and charged me, but I was ready. We both hit each other at the same time. The boar took a few staggered steps and collapsed with a resounding thud. I dropped to one knee. I was pretty beat up. Wone came up and put her hands on me, and I felt better. I felt the strength of Tiamat flow through me and heal my wounds. I was back up to fighting strength before too long. I didn’t feel great, but I could go a few rounds. I heard a groan from Elmoe and sighed. Looks like I’ll be working with this one for a while yet. Seebo’s cohort walked over to the lifeless body of her master and picked it up. I called out “Hold up there, I respect your wishes, but he’s got an item we need.” She looked at me blankly. “There is a small cart that belongs to the party. Everything else he earned fair and square for himself.” She nodded, and pulled out the cart and tossed it on the ground. She then left as Elmoe wearily stood up.


“I’m ready, let’s go.” He said groggily.


“No, your not…that’s a bone sticking out of your chest. And I think it’s yours.” I said.

“Awww, I’m fine, no problems.” He replied. I half wanted to let him go as he was, but an extra set of hands fighting monsters is useful, especially since we lost Seebo. I signaled Wone to go heal him, and she put his hands on his shoulders and cast a spell. The bones protruding from Elmoe began to pull back into his body and his wounds closed up. She looked at me and said, “That’s all I can do” Elmoe looked better, but still not at full health. I hope we don’t run into anything else down here in the next few hours.

We then noticed a giant monster staring blankly at us. He said “Wait, no hurt. Me help mighty tiny warrior.” We learned his name and accepted his great strength into our party.

We opened the next door and came to a ramp going down. Elmoe bravely charged down and slipped. He slid a few feet before regaining himself. He then sat down and carefully guided himself down the ramp. I did the same thing and commanded Stoner to do as best he could. Before we knew it the dog lost control. I grabbed onto his haunches and tried to steer him safely down the ramp. We picked up speed and soon I was holding on for my life! I prayed to Tiamat to make this one end smoothly. After what seemed like an eternity we slammed into a wall at the bottom of the ramp. Stoner got horribly mashed up, but I managed to prevent him from dying. Wone slid down un-gracefully too and slammed into the wall in a similar fashion, taking massive damage as well. She crawled over to Stoner and cast a spell, Stoner looked a bit better, but not in any shape to move. I looked up and almost as an insult; our only path out was a ladder straight up. I cursed at the builders of this dungeon for a full minute, wondering how to get my critically injured steed up this challenge. The big guy volunteered his great strength and we had Stoner tied up in a harness to the big guys’ back. Elmoe said that the ropes would hold no problems.

Since I was in the best shape to fight I lead the climb, prepared to do battle with anything that wanted to beat us up once we got to the top. It was an easy climb for me and I got up to the top no problem. Elmoe was behind me just as quickly. I looked down the ladder and saw the big guy about half way to the top when he stopped, a worried look on his face.

“Rope slipping!” he whispered. I looked on in horror as the cleric attempted to climb up onto the back of the half-ogre.

Wone climbed up off the ladder and onto the back of the half-ogre werebear fighter. Climbing wasn’t her thing, so she did it with extra care in her heavy armor. She looked up at Zero, who monitored the situation from the top of the ladder, a look of concern on his face. She climbed up to the dog, and comforted him.

“It’s okay, we’ll be fine great steed.” And gently nuzzled his head. She made her way up to the ropes holding the dog on and began re-tying them. She looked up at Zero lovingly and said, “It’s okay! I’ve got….” With that said, the ropes came loose completely, sending both the cleric and the dog tumbling down sixty feet. Zero screamed in horror as his companions fell out of sight into the darkness. He looked away when he heard the loud CRASH! Of the heavy armor hitting the ground.

The big ogre brought up the lifeless corpses of Zero’s companions. Zero prayed to Tiamat “Why did you let two great warriors of your faith die?”

But you are my mighty warrior, they followed you. You are the important one.”

I gasped as my goddesses’ words comforted me. Yeah, I AM the warrior. But they were my friends. I had known them longer than anyone else in the party. I should honor them. I said a prayer to Tiamat and asked her to care for my companions.

We left that room and entered the hallway. A great door blocked our passage, a ladder stood next to it, up to some unknown area of the dungeon. Suddenly the door opened, and another gnome ran through it, slammed the door shut and said

“Um…not that way!” He then began climbing the ladder in a great hurry. Seconds later the door shuddered as some great beast slammed into it. We quickly followed the fleeing Gnome and climbed the ladder. It led to another passageway with a bridge across a great cavern. We crossed it when our large Ogre friend said something about a bad guy. We naturally kicked its ghostly butt, but I felt weaker afterwards. Like when we fought those zombie-things in the other-plane.

We went through yet another door and found a circular room with a rope hanging from the ceiling. The crazy white-haired gnome hurried everyone through the room and onto a hallway across the way, it had lots of alcoves on either side of the room. Suddenly our newest gnome companion had a twin, and they were dukin it out fierce! Elmoe an I picked one and killed him. It was easy. Not as easy as the lone orc we found hiding in a cave on the side of the wall. I think that poor guy died before I even GOT to him! Ha!

We found some dead human named Nimraith in the next room we went into. Soon we decided that we really didn’t like this dungeon, so we left. Elmoe said something about an epic quest, we agreed. In the adventurer’s guild we came upon another gnome. Sheesh. We’re runnin into more gnomes than I’ve seen in my life.

The new gnome has a holy symbol of Tiamat hanging around his neck, which puts him okay in my books right off da bat! I had recently purchased some land outside Sorcerer's City. Not too close, but close enough where in time I could waft my evil into the City. We decided to make a sacrifice to Tiamat to consecrate the land in her honor. We grabbed an elven girl on the way out of Sorcerer's City. Elmoe was good at a distraction, and the plan went off without a hitch. In a few days we were at my land.

The elven child lay tied down to stakes, she struggled feebely to escape, but the ropes were tied too well. She looked beyond her hand, a small puddle of mud sat there, she looked beyond her other bound hand, a torch lay burning, by her left foot a small pile of snow and ice, by her right foot a vial of acid.

With a brief prayer, Zero stabbed the ground at her head, unleashing a bolt of lightning that arced down the child’s face, leaving an acrid smell of burnt flesh and a charred trail down her face. The lightning crawled un-naturally slowly down the screaming child’s torso and leg, where the lightning vanished into the pile of ice and snow, while flesh once sizzled, the ice crawled its way along the child’s leg, frostbite nearly instantly set in as her young flesh froze and cracked painfully. The ice crept along her torso and touched off on the blazing torch, which in turn burned a trail of magma on it’s way slowly to the Vial of Acid, which exploded, acid crawled slowly and painfully towards the mud, which crawled to the child’s stomach. Five brilliant bursts of energy exploded, one black, one white, one green, a blue and finally a red, each one in the series more powerful than the last until it ended in a great fiery blast, the whole child was engulfed and vaporized. The Charred ground the only reminder of the unholy sacrifice.

3/1/3744 - 4/30/3745

Adventuring Party
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Wrath of Shadows
Trek 16
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  • Zero Orsi
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  • Larillia Thorngood
  • Moish
  • Moscow Oakenshield
  • No Beard
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