Dude's in Waiting

You live in various towns and villages in various kingdoms. Your guardian has had meetings with various people over the years that are somewhat secretive. The latest was a Cleric of The Church of Light named Devra Myrgel. She is of average height and thin, with Mohawk and long ponytail of deep brown hair and golden-brown eyes. She is well dressed, has green fingernails. She of late has taken an interest in each of you. On occasion she seems a little clumsy, but you know underneath that, there lurks a dangerous woman.

Your guardian comes to you with Devra. Your guardian tells you that it is time for you to find your destiny to fight the evil that stalks our world. Devra will give you the details on your journey. As you gather your few belongings your guardians wish you well on your trip and tell you to write often. As you ride along Devra avoids your questions saying there are still others that we need to get, then she will tell you everything.

As you arrive in a city the coach lets you out in the town square where a large dais of white stone stands. You see several of the imperial guard standing around and an older gentleman ushering those with the money onto the platform and they are whisked away by some magic. Devra tells you to follow her.

Eventually you all arrive at the capital of the Bravari Imperium. Devra escorts you into a private home, a mansion, and there you meet with 2 that are introduced as Lord Wealand Fletcher and Deidre Villon. Diedre wears a symbol of the House of Jaddo, the king of the the Bravari Imperium, but no title is given.

Wealand looks to be a veteran adventurer, he speaks: He tells you that you have been selected to work for us and we will teach you many things as you do. You will learn to hone your skills and you will learn to fight. But first we must train you in etiquette manners. 

Your training begins in the various parts of this mansion. Cleaning, cooking, and serving. You are taught “Culture (Aristocrat) gaining three points in that skill. You can also put a point in Profession (Cooking or domestic).

The next month of training you are taught about titles and address, how to bow and court etiquette. You are Culture (Nobility) gaining three points.

After much frustration on your part and the constant rebuffs of your inquiries it seems that your patience or lack their-of have paid off. Devra arrives again looking a little more tired and tells you that you must be ready within a few days. The rest of your training you must complete now. She tells you that you will be going with Countess Deidre Villon, Ambassador to the Sovereignty of Cata. She and yourselves will be the only persons you will be able to trust once you leave here. You will do everything she tells you or your life may be put in great peril. You will act as her entourage while in Cata acting as servants doing all that she asks. Your real mission will also be using your various talents to root out a a group of infiltrators in the government of Cata and you will uncover whatever plot this group is planning, stop it and kill them. The Cata government cannot know what we are up to. This would confirm that we have spies in their kingdom. You must also not implicate yourselves or the Ambassador in anything you may be caught doing. Her life takes precedent over your own, at least for now. Countess Deidre will give you further details as you need them.

Rage of a Demon Lord Trek 20 Dudes in Waiting

2/1/3747 - 12/30/3747

Adventuring Party
Alternative Names
Rage of a Demon Lord
Trek 20
Parent Organization

Party Members

  • Brizo 
  • Farragut 
  • Valgari Highlander
  • Plix Goldheart 
  • Pruneo 
  • Sithaly Mah-resh
  • Squee

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