Company of the Book

Our young group of adventurers have embarked on a mission for the small town of Darkmoor. Little do they know of the danger that lurks nearby and the remarkable story that will unravel as they continue on their quest.


Journal of the 7th book of the evil lord

  as written by Baron Dendrobrium Aviron knight initiate of The Duchy of Aviron  

The world's light dimmed slightly today as I and my party was cursed by this artifact. From the less than adequate support from her high and mighty eminence offered to my party, I must admit that lifting the curse will not be an easy task. Oh I must lament forlornly at how the world's Great Church could fail one so great as myself, Baron Dendrobrium of Aviron. Here are the facts that I have uncovered about this most foul artifact that is now in my possession which must now be defeated and destroyed.

  1. The book captures the souls of people it conquers. How it could possibly contain my soul is beyond me, for my blood runs pure with the blood of Aviron, crowned so by the great Naryne.   2. Upon the reading of each chapter a foul monster, demon, or minion freshly born from the cancerous womb of the filthy abomination Lilith springs forth   3. Upon defeating of each said monster, you will release the captured soul of those who previously took on this quest and failed to succeed.   4. Each chapter becomes progressively more and more difficult.   5. Only those cursed may see the book   6. The aid given to us by the released soul is clouded by their own perceptions and is limited in their worldly knowledge.   7. Waiting to gain power and strength to combat each chapter's monster is a moot point as the book apparently can adjust the strength of its opponent to always be stronger than those trying to defeat it.

Chapter #1.

From the description we gave to her Lady Eminence, she ascertained that the very first foe that we fought was the lowest of demons. Not even worthy enough to polish my work boots, I spit upon their foul flesh as I spit upon the book of this evil lord.

Chapter #2

The hints freely given by the freed soul are the following. The monster gains power as blood is spilled either its own or the individual/s it faces. What foul monster indeed can subsist upon spilt blood does not astound me as the minions of the most foul hunger for my pure blood. Her Lady Eminence offered up the following information and suggestions of which I hardly needed as I had already known how to defeat this monstrosity. Maintain your health while fighting, the objective is to outlast it and punish it with weapons wielded by those loyal to honor and chivalry.

Oh what a disgusting abomination this demon was. What a filthy pathetic blood craving piece of trash. Truly this disgusting thing was spawned from the cancerous womb of Lilith herself. Not only did it resist the hallowed might of our blades, but it had the indecency to vomit upon us. This foul disgusting brew of blood, was horrendous. It burned the eyes and seemed to sear our flesh if it touched us. Like a duelist I danced around its bloody, venomous spite, and even when the bloody venomous spit had hit the ground it still writhed in disgusting motions. Even more maddeningly if it spit upon more of its spit then it can create a cancerous growth upon the ground that grows and consumes the nature around it. Finding that it resisted our blades we descended into shield bashing the monstrosity into oblivion. If this is all that the book can offer against us, then, we will have no issue in fighting off the rest of the creatures it spews forth.

On a side note: A tremendously noble woman offered a way to help us with the book. She assisted by bestowing upon us the hide of a dragon unicorn to wrap the book in. I am most thankful for her aide.

Journal 1

Jasper, Kjel and Vincent were left in the cave of the hydra when Den and Ember decide to go off and play with Den's siege engine. Den had built a new design of catapault and made a deal (without the knowledge of the rest of the group) to go forth and test it. The three remaining party members explored much of the rest of the cave. The pary explored much of the cave, putting a slain Andor-following dwarf through his final rights, solving a complex mirror puzzle, and also retriving Jasper's rope which had fallen down in to a spiked pit. They also discovered that the tiny stream blocking their way to the Hydra's lair had grown tenfold into a mighty river hundreds of feet across. However, re-equipped with the critical rope, the party's spirits were soaring and they continued onwards. While exploring, the group battled a mummy as well as the ever-returning demon that seems to enjoy troubling the party. When the mummy was destroyed, it exploded into a cloud of dust that infiltrated the immune systems of the Barons. Once the foul disease began to take it's hideous toll, the Barons realized they needed to get back to town. QUICK!

The party left the dungeon with great haste and returned back to the town of Silverset just in the nick of time. The Barons were bravely clinging to life and they both went to seperate churches to heal their life threatening ills while Jasper rushed to an inn and had a bath. While the two injured members recovered their lost stat points over the next several days, Jasper investigated the adventurers guild for local quests, eventually selecting one that involved a Gnoll that had been terrorizing wagons on a road to the north. The brave group purchased a wagon, dressed up the halfling as a little girl, lay down in the back under some blankets and set forth with their baited Gnoll trap on wheels. 4 days later, they hadn't found the evil gnoll, but had recieved several strange looks from the many teamsters that passed by. The party began investigating local rivers that would possibly lead into the great underground river and when the group was at full strength, they could once again charge the Hydra that had besmirched the honor of Vincent.

Journal 2

This adventure the party looked at their list of things to do. It included Read book, Slay Hydra (at the emphatic request of the barons) and defeat wily gnoll. The party decided to tackle their list of chores hardest to weakest. They started with the book. The book unleashed a dark short bulbous demon with wings. It began it's assault by holding a holy symbol high and cursing the party. The party responded by hacking it to bits with their blades. Then they were reminded by Jasper, that swords actually helped it. It was also healing it's wounds and belching blood up on the party members. The party resorted to bashing the monster with it's shields and Jasper used sling stones. The party finally bested the beastie while getting a hefty beating themselves.

After many days of rest and recuperating, the party decided to tackle chore #2, the hydra. There was mention that the party wasn't large enough to take on the hydra, and all of a sudden, the fourth noble, Jelrard Aviron appeared to help the group out. The new and improved group checked their equipment against the equipment needed checklist, and then bought extra rope just in case. The party returned to the hydra's lair. They came upon the hydra as it was sleeping. They sneaked up towards it, and Den fell down in his armor, causing a loud cacophonous clatter which woke the hydra. In a cohesive show of teamwork, the party bested the hydra after much combat insued. Again, battered and wounded, the party came through the trial. Vincent believes that the hydra was their first defeat as a group, and being defeated had tainted them all and had carried it in their hearts against all their other challenges. Now, after having gone back and being victorious against this challenge, it's all honey and roses from here on out. We will succeed at all we attempt. There will be no failure.

Journal 3

The party made their way back to Silverset after slaying the Hydra. Vincent had his head stuffed and shipped back to his home, and Den went to retrieve his own trophy. While Den was out retrieving the head, the rest of the group celebrated birthdays with a 2 day shindig complete with food, booze and hookers courtesy of Jelrad.

Jelrad, who went to help Den retrieve the severed Hydra head. Vincent didn't partake of the women, mentioning something about a "betrothed back home" As the party died down, bright and early the next morning a great earthquake shook the area, sending people and debris and flames everywhere. The party ventured out and helped where they could. Ember, Kjel and Jasper healing the wounded with their magic, and Vincent lifting and carrying heavy things, and lifting and carrying not so heavy things. Kjel saw a child that reminded him of a child in his prophetic dream. The party ensured the saftey of the boy for the duration of the earthquake, and the subsequent aftershocks. Ember helped revive the Highway Follower of Dara who had been robbed of her valuables. Vincent, Kjel and Jasper help two little girls find their mother in a wrecked building and then proceed to stop the looting of a wrecked gem shop. After their help was no longer needed in town, they ventured back to the cave of unending suffering. Armed with a canoe they plan to explore up river and see where the dead dwarf had come from. They immediatley detour to the room with the pit in it. After much much much much time, Jasper has been dropped down the pit to discover a gigantic mound of treature. He has also been swung across the pit to the door that was in the middle of another wall of the room. After much effort, a Jasper-sized hole was bashed through the door, and from the other side of the room we hear...."DAMNIT! There's another pit!"

Journal 4

After the press gang fled the group, the brave adventurers decide to learn their way around the city of Tulan. They sign up for the Valora branch of the Adventurer's Guild and inquire about missions. Preferably ones that keep their feet on solid ground. Their introduction to the city comes in the form of a missing persons report. Turns out a librarian at a church of Tylora had gone missing. The group follows leads up to the captain of an orcish ship, the Bloody Revenge. They try to ask to see the captain, they attempt to bribe the captain, and eventually after much thought and frustration, Jelard decides to stealth aboard the ship to try to arrange a meeting. While the party waits outside the ship, Jelard is discovered and an alarm is raised. Jasper hears this and alerts the other party members. Lord Den races up the gangplank onto the deck of the ship sword at the ready, ready to aid his cousin. Jasper follows him quickly and arrives on the deck somehow before Den, fists flying at the captain. In a carefuly practiced motion, Vincent strides up the gangplank, and slams his sword into the wooden walkway. With an arcane gesture and phrase, a blast of fire sears out from his hand and slams into the captain squarely, causing him to vanish. The party fights on, until Vincent, Jasper and Den are surrounded by the angry crew of the Bloody Vengance. They fight valiantly, slaying the first mate, untill the captain returns to the combat revitilized and healed up. The downfall begins when Den is stabbed heavily and he collapeses, blood flowing fast from his body, causing a large pool to form around him. Mere moments later, Jasper's body drops lifelessly to the ground, his head rolls past Vincent's feet some distance away. Vincent swallows hard and takes a moment to ponder his options, his friends lie dead at his feet, and he still is outnumbered 10 to 1. After some thought, he turns tail and flees down the gangplank, listening to the sounds of combat and Jelrad's cries from further inside the boat.

Later, Vincent is found by Jelard and Den, both worse for wear, and Den without equipment carying Jasper's headless body. After discovering a will left by Jasper, they decide that he doesn't wish to be ressurected. They will his body and spirit to the Dara temple. Vincent gathers the ashes after the Maal priests has cremated them, vowing to sprinkle them as the group travels the world.

Vincent, Jasper and Jelard use the adventurer's guild transport portals to return to Jasper's homeland and return his ancenstral sword to his father as instructed in his will. Vincent gathers some scrolls from Jasper's gear and proceeds to read them to identify them. Two of the higher level scrolls are sold, purchasing 20 pearls to identify items for the group later on, and the other money is given to the greatly disenhearted Den in hopes of re-purchasing his sword from Otto the Magic Sword seller. Den puts down 500 gold as a security deposit for 2 months. Some items are distributed amongst the group, and the group decides to rest for the time being to reflect on the loss of Jasper...

Journal 5

well me new gnome cleric of the Church of Light joined the group when i ran to them outside the rusty hook ,when they where trying to sell a dog really cheap.I quickly became friends with Jerald and Kjel and joined them on their quest to find the lost Tinalite after much fumbleing around we finally decide to go talk to Milos since he is the second i charge and might know something, well Jerald for some reason things all Tylora worshipers are secret hiding scum sucking bastards, and was happy to let milos know this. So that conversation was a bust we wondered around trying to come up with clues we even went to a drug den because Kjel thought you might get some sleep there but no such luck. So we finally went looking for all the books that where missing from Lucious basement well the Shrine of Tylora had them and after much talking our buddy Egil at the church was able to let us look at them. Kjel and I copied some writing out of one in hopes that we could translate it because the Tylorians couldn't so we should be able to... yeah right. Anyhoo we wondered about the city checking turnip stalls and other churches for clues before we noticed a boat at the dock that had similiar writing on the back of it we asked their crew for help,but they didn't know what the symbols were either, so we asked to see their capt. but he wasn't there so we walked around somemore. After a while we wnet back to the boat to to see if the captain was back and he helped us a little, saying the symbols are seen on mythical sea monsters. Even with all this info we where no closer to finding Lucious, so using my gnomish wit I decide to use my new dog to track the guy by his scent from the clothes he left in his house ,well we start to do that when suddenly EVIL snakogator people attack us with powerful magic,throwing spells and walking through walls and such well ,we quickly send them to the great beyond and begin to track Lucious again when another bunch of filthy stinky scum of the earth humans attack. They had us to down on our health from the snakogator fight ealier Kjel thinks fast and yells Run. As we take off he reaches into his ENORMOUS backpack of endless storage and pulls forth a scroll and blast them with a Deadly ice storm killing them all except 2, one of which he quickly hacks down and the other we take prisoner. Well our live prisoner has no info so we drag his dead boss back to the church so the can ask his spirit questions, which gives us our first real lead . Some guy named Enzo is behind it, so we head of to meet this Enzo at a bar that night, well Jerald does a quick face switch to look like one of the bad guys and Kjel switches to some disguise armor and we head in following Jerald and a wonderful I've been stabbed routine which didn't work, we finally find Enzo take him into our custody and question. Who knew Jerald was right Tinelites are sneaky lying bastards, it appears as though Milos is the Evil ring leader he had even taking the head of the church hostage and drugged him, so we are right now camped outside the evil lair waiting for Milos to return so we can open a keg o asswoop on him Piffle DanLion Father in the Church of Light.

5/1/3745 - 7/28/3746

Adventuring Party
Alternative Names
The Barons
Destiny in Fire
Trek 17
Company of the Book
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  • Dendrobruim Aviron
  • Ember Silverleaf
  • Jasper Stumpjumper
  • Jelrard Aviron
  • Kjel Frostgard
  • Vincent Belmont

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