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December 1, 3768

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Most People
Life in Aviron is the humdrum of survival. About 70-80% of the people in the world are food producers. Farmers, ranchers, fishers and alike. They spend most of their lives working, only going into the nearby village or city to sell their crops, buy seeds, get supplies and tools needed for the next few months and finally pick up the latest news. You might see a farmer in town three times a year depending on the distance from the settlement and what needs might arise.
They are not very educated and have only very basic math skills. They are rarely literate. They rely on the honesty and integrity of those they meet. This is how they measure people. They are married to neighbors, and arranged marriages are the norm.
Because they are typically far from town, they rely on themselves. Of course, emergencies come up, but rarely with the benefit of time so, terrible things will happen. Occasionally a passing through druid may bless their land and livestock. They will pay homage to Allyra for good harvests and pay tribute to Scyndar to watch over their families and finally to Andor when the end comes that the soul of the departed can go unimpeded to be judged by Ahk.
These people rarely if ever, have seen or even heard of magic, except in stories, songs, or rumors. You judge the man, not the magic.
You know of other races, and you most likely have seen; humans, goblins, gray orcs, dwarves; with the occasional elves, Jotnar, centaur, and va-kesh; while gnomes, halflings, black orcs and Nephilim are rare; and the Dark elves are a long-forgotten memory.
Monsters and Undead are exceedingly rare, even if one farmer is killed or worse there are 20,000 that were not. So, it becomes just a story for most, and a few will know the horror, but most won’t. Their self-sufficiency will get them through or so they believe.
Background: You are self-reliant and work physically extremely hard, you have minimal formal education, but you know the basics of surviving in the wild. You know some basic plants and animals. You have only basic social skills. Your arranged marriage took place during a planting festival when you were 15 or so.


Movers and Shakers

These are the people in power either by noble title, money, or direct experience. You know about magic, monsters, and worse. The more you learn, the worse it all seems to get. Some prey on the helpless, some use the fear and knowledge to control people and ultimately get what they want. Others try to help out. Arranged marriages are generally required.

Adventurer’s: You take up this line of work for a variety of reasons: Excitement, a better life, to win the heart of the one you love, to gain acceptance from someone, get away from your current life, something altruistic, or maybe to save the people out there from having to deal with these horrors.
You know the gods are real, you know they have real power and that most of what the clerics say is true, or at least they believe it is.

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