The first of the three main peoples that live in the Hestrian Desert are the Kot-Kot. Otherwise known as the Kot-Kotian peoples. Darker of skin and usually bald, the peoples of the Kot-Kot have grown around the beetles of the Desert and have accepted the religous beliefs of the Coleopics as gospel. These people founded the first of the Beetle cities and grew around them, learning to harvest the shell, grow crops along their mighty backs, and build utensils from their chitin.

Once, and it felt like a dream at the time, I was traveling through the Hestria, making my way back towards the Imperial Front. Its dangerous lands out there, but the people are friendly enough. You just need to find them is the issue. The Kot-Kot were the first that the Imperials attacked during the raid of the Hestria, beings as they were the first in line. As a result, the people learned to hide themselves well and only reveal themselves when things were required of them. I had tried to find someone for days, circling an area I knew to have been lived in, but it turned out it was only the last known location of a beetle.

I came across a Kot-Kotian the next day, walking along the sands with a scalehound at its side. I believe it was a man, though its hard to tell gender under all the light clothes they wear. I called out and was greeted warmly, they don't care particularly who they help, just so long as it doesn't come back against them somehow. The man, as I was certain it was at this point, led me to a small stand in the middle of the desert that I hadn't seen. It was small, and lined with differing items. Clothes for the heat and cold, food stuffs wrapped in thin layers of chitin that had been harvested recently from the look of it, and weapons. I remember there being a lot of weapons.

They offered me the items but I refused, I was trying to get home, not shop for supplies. I had plenty enough of the travelers foods, a canteen of refilling water, and my trusty blade. One that my grandfather had used during the first Exapnsionary Campaign. It still served me well.

We got to talking, a task that was far more difficult than I would have assumed given their native tongue being closer to ours than we originally had guessed, but eventually we got to the heart of the issue. I was horribly lost, and had taken several wrong turns in my attempt to get home. The man offered to lead me back, saying it was his duty to guide those that wander the Desert home, even if they do not belong. We talked, while traveling of course, about the lives of those in the desert. How the people survive and thrive under such a hostile enviroment. We spoke long of their culture and heritage, what they'd learned and how they'd learned it. By the end of the journey, which took another day, I was well versed in their culture. Or atleast the barest hints of it.

I have recorded some of them, though writing was far harder to do whilst in the mouth of a giant Sand worm. Very little light, and they don't exactly like you to strike up a candle.

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