Crasokk is a 19 year old Rageborn Ranger. Standing a 6-foot-tall, he is often the tallest person in a room. His eyes, whose irises are black unnerve people if they catch his attention. Raised in a gypsy tribe, his camp was wiped out by another orcish tribe on the borders of the Rhovan Lowlands and the Iron Hills. Found and trained by a dwarven ranger who went by the name Nomad, Craoskk learned the ways of the hunt until Nomad's death at the hands of a kobold warband.   Now Crasokk seeks to avenge Nomad's death. Stopping in the village of Hillsboro in the Korlon Hills, Crasokk was struck by the tales of humanoid raiding increasing. He hopes to stop whatever's behind this recent wave of attacks.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

It's no secret that the clans of the Rhovan Lowlands have been in a perpetual state of war with the orcs who took Darcos, what isn't well known is that there are families that eschew that war and the constant raids and try to live a different existence. Crasock's family was one of those. His father was a Rageborn, while his mother was Rhovan, of Clan Panwyn. Not finding welcome in either of their tribes, they joined up with a Tinker wagon, taking their young child Crasock with them.   The Tinker lifestyle suited the two, Tinkers don't pre-judge and they accept all who contribute to the health and wealth of the wagons. Not allowed in many settlements, the Tinkers will set up outside the walls or far enough away not to be considered a threat. They have a reputation as scoundrels, vagabonds and ne'er-do-wells, but they bring diversion, news, and trade not seen from other sources.   Crasock's mother Lavena and his father Hogar found happiness as part of Caravan Laren. Madame Cara and Master Ferghus welcomed the two, after they had been run out of Panwyn. Lavena had the skills of a trained smith while Hogar leant his strength to the defense of the caravan.   Unfortunately, this peace was not to last. While making their way over the Lowlands, near the Iron Hills and the dwarven cantons, Caravan Laren was attacked by an orcish raiding party, and there were many dead on both sides, but eventually the Tinkers fell. Those who were left were put in chains, as the remaining orcs led them away.   Young Crasock woke when he felt a hand pulling him out from under the body of Else, a large woman who cooked for the caravan. She had completely covered him when she fell, and the orcs hadn't bothered to look underneath the dead body. He was eight. The hand pulling him out was dwarven, a hill dwarf likely from the Cantons of Angbadur. It took days for Crasock to regain his strength, and the two began the task of burying the dead Tinkers.   Nomad, the name the dwarf had given him, semi-adopted the young Rageborn. A scout and ranger by trade, he taught Crasock all that he knew of his craft and the local terrain. They traveled throughout the Rhovan Lowlands and into the Iron Hills and even south where the Iron Hills become the Korlon Hills. Nomad even showed a few out of the way entrances into the Underdark.   Unfortunately this life was not to last. Caught by surprise the two were surrounded by kobolds, Nomad and Crasock raged and fought for their lives, but there were too many. Nomad sacrificed himself, telling Crasock to run, while he covered the young Rageborn's retreat. Tears streaming down his face, Crasock wouldn't let Nomad's sacrifice go to waste, and he escaped, taking refuge in one of the duo's nearby hideaways.   By night, Crasock snuck out, and using all of the stealth he could muster, returned to the scene. There, the kobolds surrounded three other figures. Two huge bugbears flanked a figure with reddish skin, horns on his head and a tail flicking left to right. The kobolds were chanting "Danzig, Danzig, Danzig" as the figure approached a large stone. Nomad's body lay across that stone. The tiefling took a ceremonial dagger from his belt and carved out Nomad's heart, offering it up to the demon lord Erythnul. Before the ceremony ended, Crasock snuck away, not wanting to be next on the makeshift altar.   Crasock spent the next few days following the humanoids from a distance and racking their progress. They made their way south into the Korlon Hills, and that's where he lost the trail. He has spent the last few years learning all that he can about the Korlons, and seeking to find the tiefling Danzig.
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19 years old
Black Eyes
Short black hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Ruddy skin, with a greenish tint
6' tall
225 lbs


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