Where to Begin

Aihrde is a very large world, with many parts still yet to be explored...   At present, we have discovered a vast swath of the Darkenfold Forest, in the southwest of the Lands of Ursal. In there, you will find numerous towns, settlements, villages, and more that are already populated and ready to go. We have over 30 full length adventures you can run. Encounters, peoples, races, species, kindgoms, lands, weather, economy, cosmos, it's all here for you to check out and begin running your games in Aihrde.   Our World of Aihrde on World Anvil is being set up for you to explore in many ways. Start with the map of Aihrde and work your way into the Darkenfold Forest and see all there is to see. Or take another journey to Northeast Ursal and see if we have populated that area, or anywhere in the world you can imagine.   If you want, you an also use the Table of Contents to the left of the homepage, where everything is broken down for you, from cosmos, to peoples, to language, and much, much more. All of our adventures will be listed there and the list will keep growing. For just as Aihrde is a living breathing world, so is its growth. We are constantly working on and adding to our world in World Anvil, but also we keep writing for the World of Aihrde. So when you explore, you will always see new material, new lands and adventures to explore.  
We are now live
We have now set our Tiers for our world -- Followers and Citizens, Rulers, and finally Deities of Aihrde! Each level comes with specific access to the World of Aihrde. We still have a free section and there is quite a lot in it. You can see some of the maps, the deity stat blocks, kingdoms, fiction, adventures and more; just smaller bits than you would get in the paid tiers. To gain free access, be sure to follow us on here, then send and email to tim (at) trolllord.com with your username and we'll set you up. With that, you'll be able to see anything that is appended (folllower) on here. If you take a look around and like what you see and want to upgrade, you can check out our options on our Patreon.


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