The Material Planes

Called the Inner Planes, the material world consists of all the matter of the Firmament, the Maelstrom, Aihrde, and Inzae. Planes that one can touch or feel, or are bound by some form of structure, are considered the Inner Planes.   The Firmament, The Elemental Planes   When Inzaa tore the fabric of the Void, she unleashed the Firmament, or the elemental planes. These planes exist separate from one another, whole and apart, even from the Void. Collectively these planes are called the elemental planes and are named thus: the planes of fire, earth, air, and water (these include a host of smaller, para-elemental planes), and the energy planes of Abnegation (negative energy), Apodiction (positive energy), and Achromatic (neutral energy). Where these planes intersect lies the Maelstrom.   Encounters: Life within the Firmament is governed by each of the separate planes. Many creatures of the All Father’s design came to reside upon the Firmament. These are the elementals and they dwell as part of the landscape, fire elementals in the plane of fire, water ele- mentals in the plane of water, etc.   Movement: Each plane is governed by its own consistency. Ergo, the plane of fire has no air, water, earth, or any other substance, and so on. Travelers must use magic to travel to each plane and to move through it. There is no gravity in any of these planes, nor do any of the laws of motion apply. Entering a plane is to be a part of it, crossing through it as in a bubble. Time & Sustenance: Time has no meaning anywhere within the Firmament, but mortal bodies do require sustenance, and they age in a manner similar to their normal bodily functions.   Magic: The Firmament stands apart from the Language of Creation, and as such does not obey the laws of magic. Anyone casting a magic spell or using a magic item must make a successful primary attribute check (CL 5) in order for that item or spell to work. The Maelstrom   That great cloud of matter which spills from the Firmament creates the Maelstrom. The All Father cast himself upon the Maelstrom and, with the Language of Creation, created the world and set the sun and moon to racing through the heavens. This spiraling chaos slowly cross- es the Void, creating an ever-expanding cloud, fed by the fuel of the Firmament.   Within the Maelstrom are a multitude of nebulae, stars, comets, and other cosmic bodies. These have formed both from the ever-spinning matter of Inzae and residual magic left from the All Father’s Language of Creation, for it is known that he worked upon the foundations of the world for time without meaning.   Movement: Movement through the Maelstrom is possible through the use of magic or technology. The space between celestial bodies has no gravity. One cannot walk through or upon the Maelstrom. There is no air and it is bitterly cold. Travel is possible upon a craft or through magical spells such as the rune mystic orb.   Encounters: Residual echoes of the original Language of Cre- ation, as spoken by the All Father, linger within the Maelstrom. Cer- tain powerful creatures created by him before time inhabit these deep places. They are generally creatures made of light or some other cosmic substance.   Time & Sustenance: These are normal.   Magic: Magic works normally here.


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17 Jan, 2020 18:24

So, will the maelstrom eventually expand to envelop the elemental and energy planes? What will happen then?

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