Elithian Wood

This forest once stretched from the Straits of Ursal in the east to the Massif in the south and to the Inner Sea in the north. The forest’s trees are numbered amongst the strongest conifers in the world. Their strength is ideal for ship building, their pliability ideal for such work. The hardwoods are ideal for bow and lance. In all the forest feeds the need for fuel and building materials in the burgeoning populations of Anglamay, Avignon, the Hanse Cities, Kleaves, Ceeana, and Kareelia. It has shrunk since the days of old.   Great portions of the forest are well manicured by woodsmen in the employ of the various kingdoms that work its vast interior. In these sections, the trees grow tall and straight and are oft found in straight rows, piled up by the diligent woodsmen. It is illegal to hunt or reside in many areas, with the woodsman strictly enforcing the laws. There are, however, many folk who make a living harvesting the trees into usable timber. Barges of all sorts ply the Lithian and Tot Rivers, supplying the woodsman and transporting timber back to the cities beyond.   Yet despite this, there are portions that have avoided the destruction of the axe, where the splendor of the old wood remains for those who seek it. There, one finds massive trees, and though not as tall as the southern oaks, they are broad. Five men linking arms could hardly encircle the boles of these trees. They grow lazily into the sky, taking the time the All Father gave them, unaware that doom tramps upon their doorstep. They do not crowd around one another, but give each other space so that their limbs stretch far outside their boles, as much to cover a farm house and barn. The many springs and rivers which run pure from deep aquifers quench the thirst of these behemoths.   Much rumor has been spread about this forest. Giants lumber in its midst, the ancient trees still guard their groves, the faerie make portions difficult to enter, and the ground itself is said to consume those who trespass too deeply into its ever-shrinking bounds. Whatever the case may be, there are portions no woodsman will enter and oft upon a starry night, unwary travelers disappear from the world and meld into the dark eaves of those most sublime trees.



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