This vast forest stretches along the western flanks of the Voralberg Mountains. In places thick and others thin, great conifers provide a blanket of light green across the lands of Eisenheim and Aachen. During the years of the Winter Dark this forest supplied the empire with timber for its many fleets that crossed the Inner Sea and beyond. Fortresses and villages sprouted up throughout its depths as the ever increasing need for timber demanded a heavy price upon this once pristine wood. Times have changed though, and the forest has been left to its own devices for many years. Travelers making their way into this grand wood follow the Ursal or Bratvag roads, both of which have fallen into disrepair and have become dark roads to travel. Along both paths are many abandoned fortresses and villages, dotting the hillocks and dales alike. There are those who remained though, men who have carved small principalities out of the remnants of the empire’s once mighty lands.   The forest itself is a mishmash of magnificent conifers and stunted hardwoods that clump around the region’s natural springs and sprout thickly on the tops of hills. They cover this hilly land from the foothills of the Voralberg Mountains to the interior of Aachen where the forest gives way to a vast open savannah. It is a well watered forest with many rivers and streams coursing their way through its innumerable valleys and dales. It is a serene place, quiet with anticipation of the days to come. It is said that the fey have returned to the trees to care for their wounded spirits and that the nymphs tend to the workings of the waters.   Lost within the forest’s interior is the Glade of the Unicorn. There, at the heart of the Detmold lies a copse of hardwood trees which date back, or so legends recount, to the Days before Days. It is there that the god Daladon gave Ephremere over to the unicorn. The sacred and powerful Winter Roses grow within the Glade.



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