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Purple Anima

The Ultimate Power. The Sign of a King. The Blessing of the Goddess.

Purple Anima is the purest form of the Void Energy that ripped that world apart. With it, a user is able to use and combine the properties of every other type of Anima, with the exception of Green Anima. However, Purple Anima users, also known as Sovereigns, are immune to the attention-altering effects of Green Anima. Some might think of Purple Anima as a combination of every other type of Anima, but this is an incorrect way of thinking of it. Purple Anima is more of origin point for which all other types of Anima stem from. Sovereigns and their Vassals are linked together through an unexplained force, leading them to meet and become close allies at a young age unless intentionally stopped.


Purple Anima can take on any of the visual properties that other types can, depending on what type is emphasized. However, it will always take on some shade of purple.


Purple Anima is passed from parent to child over the generations. Every holder of this type of Anima is known as a Sovereign. It is always passed to only one child and always in the same Style. if the Sovereign does not have a child, their Anima and Style manifests in the nearest pregnant woman at the time of death. When a Sovereign has a child, half of their Anima is transferred into the child, and when the parent dies, all of the Anima that they had at the time flows into the child.

Metaphysical, Supernatural

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