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Come Darkwing! Let's solve another quest!
— Rook, at the end of every story.
Darkwing, a young Roc, is the main companion of Rook in the similarly named childrens story: The adventures of Rook and Darkwing.


Darkwing is a very young Roc, making her size medium instead of Gargantuan like adult Rocs, Overall she has white colored feathers with on each wing a black horizontal stripe, which gave her the name Darkwing. Both her talons and her beak are grey and she has bright blue eyes, similar to Rooks hair color


In the stories it is made clear that Darkwing is very intelligent and very perceptive, unlike real Rocs. She is very helpful to Rook and everyone who treats Rook nicely, but also very protective of Rook and is not afraid to lash out at people who try to hurt Rook. Darkwing tends to have the habit of nibbling on Rooks hair and lay her head on top of Rooks as a way of resting. When she sees something or notices something that Rook hadn't noticed yet, Darkwing will tug on Rooks hair to get her attention.

Important moments

Darkwing has appeared in the adventure series from book one. She is introduced when Rook finds a big, cracked egg that has fallen out of the tree. Rook helps Darkwing come out of the shell and raises the small bird. As Darkwing quickly grows, Rook takes her on different adventures, first in a backpack, later just walking by Darkwing, before Darkwing is big enough to carry Rook.   At the end of book five, the troubles of the Temmer Troupe, Darkwing gets captured as revenge for sabotaging the Temmer Troupe in their heist. The Troupe takes Darkwing into a mountain hideout and Rook spends book six, the rescue attempt, finding a smart way to rescue Darkwing and deal with the Temmer Troupe. It takes her a lot of effort since she is missing the smart ideas Darkwing normally has, making the mission actually quite dangerous.
White with a black streak
Biological sex

The adventures of Rook and Darkwing

This series is themed around the art of adventuring within the world similar to Kaigan and is aimed at children age 8 till 12. In each instalment the young gnome wizard Rook takes on an adventure with her trusty companion, and mount, Darkwing and solves problems and mysteries. Darkwing allows Rook to travel all over the country and get to difficult to reach places that other NPCs in the stories often avoid. Darkwing also has very keen eyes and tends to be very perceptive of clues and other oddities that help Rook solve the adventure and helps defend Rook when the bad guys seem to have the upper hand.

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