A common seeing aid for anyone who has diminished sight in some way or another. Eyeglasses have been around for many years and have been optimized in many ways. Without them, many people around the world would not be able to master their everyday lives the way they do now.   Eyeglasses and goggles are not just used to make up for lacking eyesight but to expand on it to improve eyesight in specific situations or protect the eyes from danger. The innovation in this field was progressing at a fairly slow pace as many features were developed to their maximum.  

Popular Supernatural Extras

This suddenly changed when the veil fell. The supernatural world suddenly gave the industry new ways to improve and expand their products.  
  • Night Vision. An enchantment is used to give the glasses night vision. This is achieved either by red light vision or clear black and white vision. Both products have found a lot of popularity. Night vision goggles are bulky and only used in military and security situations.
  • Aura Vision. This gives the glasses the ability to make the supernatural auras of people and objects visible. The cheapest models simply make them visible by creating a faint single colour aura around the target. More expensive models can colour code these auras to expand the information contained. Users still have to actually study what the various colours mean and do not simply know that. This innovation was made possible by the eyes of Rebecca Doleh, which have this ability naturally.
  • Flash Protection. These glasses keep the eyes protected from sudden flashes. This is primarily used by people with epilepsy but can be useful in other situations as well.
  • Stress Reduction. An enchantment which reduces the stress on the eyes when staring at a surface or screen for an extended period of time. Popular with avid readers and people who spend a lot of time in front of a computer. Will ensure that the eyes get tired more slowly and many have reported reduced headaches.
  • Predictive Vision. An enchantment which is not available on the general market. It supposedly lets you see a few seconds into the future. Many believe this to be just an urban legend.
Disability Aid / Visual Perception Enhancer
Various Vision Companies & Researchers


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4 Jan, 2021 13:20

I'd like to upgrade my own eyeglasses with some of these supernatural extras, please! Predictive vision sounds ideal, but I'd be happy with just the night vision and stress reduction upgrades. :)

Sage Serukis
Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull
5 Jan, 2021 14:38

I'd love the stress reduction feature on my own glasses, that'd be great. I like all the upgrades that can be done, especially the predictive vision. I wonder how much truth there is to that.

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