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Redspine Smugglers

The most powerful and organized group in Rockport. Was formed when several groups of smugglers agreed to found a town and use it as cover for their illegal activities.


The Redspines hold votes among all members for major decisions or changes, but they have elected people to handle the every day operation. Unless someone successfully initiates a recall of the elected officials, they continue to act on behalf of the organization. Brynn Redspine isn't technically the leader, more like the primary representative and administrator. She also captains her own ship.

Public Agenda

Support and maintain Rockport. Provide quality smuggling services to anyone who can pay.


A large nest egg of gold and jewels Information on safe smuggling routes and suppliers of illegal goods Several battle-ready ships A significant number of battle-hardened pirates who also happen to know Rockport better than anyone The trust and respect of the lower classes of Rockport


As explained in the article on Rockport, the town was originally founded by three smuggling groups banding together. The names of those groups are lost to history, but we do know that among them arose a family who became very successful and well-respected among the smugglers. This family was the Redspines. Eventually, the three smuggling groups officially united under the leadership of the Redspine family and took on their name.
Illicit, Pirate Crew
Notable Members


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