"The Story of Bright Edge" or "Curiosity Killed the Cat"

The following is a tabaxi fairy tale that was first recorded by an unknown author in 3100 BT. It has persisted in various forms as a commonly-told tale to this day.  
Once upon a time, there was a beautiful calico kitten who loved to explore. She would wander through the deepest parts of the forest, climb the tallest trees, and delve into the deepest caves. Her mother worried about her terribly, but her father was proud of his brave daughter and gave her the name Bright Edge.   As Bright Edge grew up, she continued exploring the world, but eventually she felt that she had seen everything that there was to see. "I have been everywhere," she bragged to her friends one night around the campfire, "and I've seen everything in the world."   At this, a stranger visiting the clan asked, "Have you ever been to nowhere?"   Bright Edge was confused and replied, "Nowhere is not a place. It doesn't exist and so no one can go there."   "How do you know if you've never tried?" the stranger asked with a smile.   Bright Edge knew that the stranger was talking nonsense, but she couldn't stop thinking about it. What would nowhere look like? How could she get there? She had to know.   So, she took a boat far out into the ocean and asked the wind: "Sister wind, can you tell me how to get to nowhere?"   The wind replied: "I have never been to nowhere, but there are many places I cannot go. You should ask Mother Sun."   So, Bright Edge went to the top of a mountain and asked the sun: "Mother sun, can you tell me how to get to nowhere?"   The sun replied: "My light has touched nearly every surface in this world, but still there are places where I cannot go. Those places are ruled by Father Darkness. You should ask him where nowhere is."   So, finally, Bright Edge descended far down into the ground, traveling away from the sun-drenched plains of her home until she found a place where no light could touch. She asked the darkness: "Father darkness, please help me. I need to know how to get to nowhere."   The darkness replied in a whisper: "I have been to nowhere, child. But it is not a place you can go alone. I can take you there, if you're sure that's what you want."   Bright Edge clapped her hands in delight, "Of course I'm sure! I want to go everywhere. I want to know everything there is to know."   And so, the darkness wrapped itself around Bright Edge and carried her to nowhere. But there was nothing to see or feel in nowhere; there was no sun or wind and even the ground had vanished. Bright Edge was scared and begged the darkness, "Father Darkness, please take me back. I don't like it here."   But the darkness responded, "You cannot go back, child. To be in nowhere, you must have nothing and be nothing. I cannot give that back to you."   Bright Edge then cried at her own folly for she had not appreciated the world she was given. It was in vain, though, as Bright Edge was never seen again.


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