These are agents that work for Nexus Foundation Spectors are considered the top agents within the Foundation. They have the most top-secret clearance and are given the best training and technology.     Their missions vary depending on the department in which they work. a few of the most popular departments are:   The Attache department specializes in escorting diplomats and other world leaders between locations in our dimensions and even escorting them between dimensions.    The CrossRoad Department specializes in capturing the strange and often dangerous creatures that are out of place in this dimension.    The Conductor Department specializes in finding the object that is causing a thing to go out of wack and creating the balance that was altered.



Specters is the one job at the foundation that they have never posted for a job opening. You see they have never had the need, this is because there are always people that are a part of the Human Requisition Department looking for and offering training to new recruits.   No matter a person's background, if they catch the eye they will be offered a spot in the tryouts.  The Specters are proud to say that their ranks consist of; retired members from every Military from around the world, they have scholars, have ex-police force, and college dropouts. No one is discriminated against and everyone has the chance to try out.  If they prove worthy to finish training, they join the most unique force in this dimension.    If the person is under the age of 18, they are systematically checked in on till their 18th birthday when they are given the opportunity to try out for a spot in the next training class.    In the instances that a person makes it to our world and the foundation is unable to return them to the correct world they are given two options. One option is to try out for the Specters, and they don't pass the tryouts they are able to do the second option. this option includes being given a new identity and a new life within our world.

Payment & Reimbursement

Specters have a set salary and are paid every two weeks.  When they are on the assignment they are given a daily expense fund to cover housing, food, travel, and other expenses.

Other Benefits

They have a great health plan, dental plan, and life insurance.  Their life insurance benefits increase every year they are employed within the foundation.  these life insurance benefits can be paid out when they retire or will be paid to their beneficiary if they pass away while employed.    They have free access to the company gym and private gyms that they can take their family to.  Specters are expected to keep up with their training and the Specter service sponsors monthly training sessions. the training sessions on a variety of topics, and they are encouraged to attend when they are not on assignment.    Specters are given the chance to purchase new weapons and technology before the other employees of the foundations and before the general public.    the only real downtime is that you can be sent on assignment without a moment's notice and if you request time off it can be cut short if you are required for an assignment.



They are the hands of the company. they are the agents that go out to preform a wide array of duties.

Social Status

Specters are talked about highly among the employees and the normal people don't know much about them.


Specters consist of about 10 % of the foundation but that is not much within the general population.



The tools that they use are dependant on the department that the Specters work for.

Dangers & Hazards

Hazards vary in departments. it is easier to say that there is a limit of safe things the specters deal with daily.
Intelligence Gathering
Every Department has a at least 10 specters on the books
Legal is a very fine line when it comes to this job. since they can possibly travel out of our world there is a possibility that the world they travel to may consider them as illegal and Specter are trained to approach all situations.

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