Nexus Foundation

Nexus Foundation strives for the betterment of mankind. It is one of the leading corporations of our time. it has brought divestment in the technology and the medical field. This company has a wide range of researchers. These researchers are agents for the company and are known for their innovations in new technology. These agents are known to go to any means to help further the Company's objectives. These agents have been known to use technology from the past to boost the technology breakthroughs today. This is what is known to the public at least.   Unbeknownst to the public at large the Nexus Foundation uses its abilities and technology to research and contains the things that keep a normal person scared of the dark. They have created technology to contain creatures and items that would cause pandemonium, chaos, and even death if left unchecked. They know of the multiple universes and use technology to move between them capturing the items that are out of place and returning them to their rightful place.


on the top is the CEO ( the last member of the original Board) next is the 13 Board Members (usually from different countries and are the heads of their location)   Each one of the 13 buildings have the following: Head of Location Department Chief Council  (this group is 1 member from each department) within each department, there is a  Department Chief Section Chief researchers


this organization is known to the world as the leader of technology and a job here is highly sought after. They are well respected around the world and are usually offered many opportunities to share their abilities.    Employees of this organization are forced to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement or NDA upon employment and are well compensated for their employment.

Public Agenda

They are known for exploring all over the world and studying the ancient past. They are searching for everything and anything. The public doesn't know what the Nexus Foundation is really looking for. but some think they are trying to prove the existence of God while others think they are trying to find the origin of life and the universe. This company seems to have tech and science base advancements.    The Nexus Foundation has developed things from batteries using renewable energy to better vaccines to diseases. to the public eye, they seem to dabble in a bit of everything. They even have a research and development into weapons and arms.  They released a better type of MRE that tastes great and gives you a better meal nutrient. They have their hand in all kinds of scientific discoveries.


They have 13 locations that contain many buildings that are set up around the world. they are equipped with some of the most advanced sets of scientific equipment. weapons and armor to boot. they have relics of other mystical arts from the multiverse. several pieces of equipment from the multiverse and other places.   They receive funds from many contacts with many governments and different agencies. They are known to have the manpower to get these operations done

Public Under standing the past to make the future. Secrets Protecting the Present form itself.

Founding Date
In med 1800s
Secret, Brotherhood