World 13

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If you're reading this you found this note.   I have left these notes by a bunch of portal sites and you shouldn't go in if you love your life. If you have people that care about you or you care for them you shouldn't go in. You are probably thinking that I have nothing to live for, my life is boring. well, I am sorry to say that it can't be worse than what my life is like now. I am warning you now because there is no turning back if you step into that portal. You will be in a world that is very similar most likely to the world you come from. It has busy city life with the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It is a world where people are just trying to just live their melancholy life.   This conventional world does have a slightly unknown you could even say secret identity, I gave it the nickname of a dumping ground. This world appears to be the actual dumping ground for the Multiverse. You can find any monster or creature found in lore and legends. It appears that all stories throughout the multiverse started or at least had a moment here. Strands in the unknown come out at any moment from any corner of the world or you could accidentally walk into another world that is nothing like the one you know. I’m warning you to stay safe, don't come here. Your life will be in danger because you will not be a person from this world. Take heed of my warning, enjoy your world.