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Get on your damn iivi'tay and just follow my track, you stupid shits!
— Guleon, veteran pathfinder of Torburg
The iivi'tay are the most commonly seen mount in central Manaeyra. Their names derived from the old language and literally means "running bird". It seems, that even in ancient times the ancestors of the Oraniri rode on their backs, what the avid explorer may witness in the old and weathered cave paintings found in long forgotten places. On land there is no other animal that can match up with the iivi'tay's endurance. Druing one day they can easily carry a person - with baggage - tree times the distance one would cover traveling by foot. They don't need much water and are no picky eaters, making them great travel companions.

In the wilderness, iivi'tay usually live in flocks of up to seven birds, but more common are groups of three to four - always lead by a single male walking behind his hens to keep an eye on them. With their territorries spanning huge distances they regularly migrate thoroughly along the borders as they are not fond of intruders. When two cocks get in a fight it can last a whole day. They repeatedly chase after each other, sometimes for hours, only interrupted by periods of biting and picking at the opponent, while the hens follow and watch them peacefully. Whoever is the winner chooses which hens to keep in his flock (never more than six) and chases the defeated group out of his territorry.
While male iivi'tay are stronger and faster than the females, they are much harder to tame and for the most part only used in breeding.

Additional Information


Most breeds are slightly bigger and more durable than their wild cousins, able to carry heavier weights at cost of their speed. Most iivi'tay in use are hens. Male iivi'tay are most commonly bred for the purpose of battles and war; more loyal to a single rider but also even more agressive with rivals than in the wilderness.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The hens lay up to three eggs every two weeks (only when they don't have chicks), sold at nearly every market in Algoran, Aspeca, northern Kaheli and southern Fukuroi
12 years
Average Height
2,50 - 3,20 m (male), 2,10 - 2,40 m (female)
Average Weight
145 kg (male), 120 kg (female)

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