Bestiary February

The difficulty of a prompt depends on your setting and what sort of topics interest you, at the end of the day! For example, I find species articles interminable
— Isaac Thompson, June 2021
Instead of forcing myself to write an article type that doesn't interest me, I thought I'd use this challenge as an excuse to do some rough, messy art! There'll be no consistency in style or setting, just a classic messabout!  


lastline cover.png
The Last Line Cover by Isaac Thompson & Valdemaras D.
Tiyu Amara world cover
Tiyu Amara by Casey Horner

Wings (TTL)

23 2 4 Bestiary February Wings.png
Bestiary February - Wings by Isaac Thompson
Each year, a mass of Laslin butterflies descends upon the cities at the edge of the world, and each year they depart again. While known to be the same species for centuries now, many shifts in colouration and pattern have been noted, presumably due to the different flora they encounter over time.

Stripes (TA)

Bestiary February - Stripes by Isaac Thompson
On the island of Nowenkayet, it's not unusual to feel as though the trees are moving around you, as large striped creatures take advantage of their camouflage to avoid predators.

Mythical (TTL)

23 2 4 Bestiary February Mythical.png
Bestiary February - Mythical by Isaac Thompson
Dogs, wolves, and similar hounds have been extinct for generations. Frankly, at this point, no-ones entirely sure what they looked like.

Danger (TTL)

23 2 4 Bestiary February Danger.png
Bestiary February - Danger by Isaac Thompson
For those enraptured by the World's Edge, its impossible not to imagine all manner of beasts and creatures that lurk beyond the mist and unnatural emptiness, ready to consume all that falls below.

Messenger (TA)

Bestiary February - Messenger by Isaac Thompson
Savals are the state bird of the Vosti Empire, and regularly used as messenger birds for its imperial army. The rare two-headed saval is especially prized, as it's believed that they are far smarter and capable of independent navigation and reasoning.

Cover image: Wonders by Isaac Thompson


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