The Scaled Job

The following is supplemental information for "The Scaled Job" - a short 5th Edition adventure for 2nd-3rd level characters.  
Shaking shutters and rumbling rooftops have the neighborhood near panic. For the last few days earthquakes seem to be occurring at regular intervals - but only affecting a the small area up and down Downingwood Street. The adventurers are asked to investigate, but where should they even begin?
  The Scaled Job is an adventure where a fairly competent band of kobold burglars are attempting to rob the gold from a nearby bank vault. While they are accomplished and good at what they do, this is their first job on their own - and mistakes are bound to happen. For example, they do not even realize the explosives they are using to bust through the rock is causing such consternation on the surface...and potentially spoiling their job when the adventurers arrive to investigate.   This fun adventure is sure to keep your players entertained for a night of Dungeons & Dragons. For the one-shot adventure, expect play to last for roughly 3-4 hours.  

The Scaled Crew

Included with all patron-levels are full-sized front/back tokens for use with your favorite virtual tabletop!  

The Cavern and Map Assets

Patrons receive this awesome battlemap and all of the assets to customize the map as you see fit! If you would like to purchase this short adventure, you may do so here!  
  Art by c08martins   Map by Agustinael

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