Bag of Folding

The player is given a Bag of Folding early in the game. This is an inventory intrinsic to the player character that can be manipulated via a dedicated interface when not in combat. Items picked up by the player or companion are placed within the Bag of Folding up to its limit (tbd).   Three dimensional objects are represented as icons - as with any inventory system - however the forms are smashed, folded, or otherwise distorted to suggest that the three dimensional object has been violently and unnaturally forced into a two dimensional form. For instance:  
  • Living beings have bugged-out eyes and show frozen discomfort,
  • Clothing is neatly folded to fit the square format,
  • Cylinders, cones, and spheres are visibly crushed.
  • Stacks of items are represented by stacking the icon itself as though they were cards.
  This is a play on the (probably very copyrighted) "Bag of Holding". It fills the same purpose, and is pronounced almost identically.
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