Open Lock


A lock is unlocked. Suitable for well-enchanted locks if the correct crystal is used and the witch has sufficient power.


The focus will glow briefly with faint golden light. There is no other perceivable effect.


"Pronsir diont gi gaeo stae sterei teuar gle," she commanded as a light from a tattoo somewhere beneath her clothes glowed briefly.
— The Break Out
Sephi Bishop used a Witchtongue incantation to cast this spell. "Pronsir diont gi gaeo stae sterei teuar gle" translates to "Open at my will and do not close again."
Material Components
Crystal focus (clear quartz [simple or unenchanted locks], smoky quartz [mild], or hematite [strong])
Effect Casting Time
Level 1 Ritual (actual power requirement varies based on spell used to enchant the lock)


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