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The Cave of Astonishment

The Cave of Astonishment was one of the strangest experiences in all of my travels. I was under no particular delusion that my experience would differ in any way to that of others before me, but it still took me by surprise..haha. I remember side-stepping through the narrow entry passage, seeing the opening at the other side, and putting one foot in the cave beyond. The next thing I knew I was sitting down at a table outside a small cafe in the town with a very amused friend staring at me across it. It had apparently been four hours since my excursion to the cave.
Jerotus Rosethorn, explorer and travel writer


The cave was discovered forty three years ago by a pair of villagers looking for viable mining locations. The first one had gone in to take an exploratory look, and came out with an expression of wide eyed wonder. Her companion said that she stayed that way for about five hours, she would walk if guided but moved about as if in some sort of trance.  
When she came round she had no recollection as to what had transpired during that time. The following day they went back with a few more of the villagers, everyone who went into the cave came out the exact same way. How long the condition lasted varied, but was usually between two to six hours.
I couldn't rightly describe it, if I had to be honest. The woman at the kiosk said it was on account of the fact that it was so astonishing there haven't been words invented yet what could describe it.
— Visitor to the .....

A Tourist Attraction

The mayor of the village quickly realised they could probably make money from the curiosity and hubris of people, so set about advertising the caves and charging people entry. Folk come from miles around to visit the Cave of Astonishment, even though no-one has ever been able to say what is even in the cave. This does not the deter the many visitors who simply have to see for themselves. Many of whom hold a secret hope or even assurance, that they will be the one to see something.
If only you could have seen his face, all wide eyed and mouth agape, it was priceless, and it stayed like that for the rest of the day too.
— An amused wife to her friend
Natural Wonder
It's a wonder alright, everyone wonders what the hell is in there.
— Overheard in a tavern


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