The Bone of Contemplation

Up on Moonbreaker Mountain there lives a giant, and this giant has a dog, and this dog has...or had a favourite bone. That bone has gone missing and, needless to say, the poor pooch is inconsolable. Apparently the giant has put out a reward for anyone who can find this missing bone, to the sum of fifty silver! Anyone wishing to undertake this venture can find out more at the Moonbreaker Information Kiosk, situated at the foot of Moonbreaker Mountain.
Information piece in The Whistle Top Times

A Grand Find

The bone in question was found by, Granite, about four years ago and it has been his favourite bone ever since. He had spent several hours unearthing it from a small mountain glade, having smelled it even under all that soil and wild grass. It had been worth it, this bone was old, and had been buried for some time, it was also the biggest bone he had ever found. Probably that of some long dead, and huge, monster. He took it home proudly to show his mistress, Sapphire the giant, and she was duly impressed with his find, and said what a good boy he was. It was a good day, that day.  

A Prized Possession

Granite took great care of that bone, making sure to bury it securely in the back of the cavern they lived in, whenever he wasn't using it. He took it out on occasion and would lie out in the sun, absent mindedly gnawing on it while he thought important dog thoughts. Realising the importance of this particular bone to her much loved canine companion, Sapphire cast a spell of endurance upon it. This spell made the bone pretty much impervious to most everyday damage, such as being gnawed upon by a dog the size of a mammoth.  

A Devastating Loss

The bone went missing three days ago, and Granite has near howled the mountain down in despair; An unfortunate circumstance for those who live within twenty miles of Moonbreaker Mountain. Sapphire is at her wits end, and has been searching for it all over the mountain, but so far no luck. She eventually got a druid to speak to Granite to find out what had happened to it, so she could at least narrow down her search.
Big thing, all feathers, and wings, and claws flew down out of the sky and stole it! I was barking at fluffy thing with horns, and it just swooped in and stole it!
— An angry Granite to the druid
Item type
Unique Artifact


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