Summer Camp 2022 Pledge & Prompts

Creative Goal

Not so much creative goal as "things I want to attempt".
  • Try to link as many prompts together as I can
  • See if I can combine any Summer Camp prompts with the writing prompts from my Apothecaria playthrough
  • Complete the Iron Gorge challenge: 21 days of streaming over Summer Camp, with a minimum of 300 words written per stream!


  • Badges
  • Fun
  • Because I can

Challenge Goal

Diamond or Die, baby!

My Thoughts

I always say I am going to work in certain worlds during Summer Camp, and invariably end up writing wherever the prompts take me. So this year, other than my goal of writing at least one article in Witch World, I am just going to wait until the prompts come out before making any plans. Certain prompts simply demand to be written in certain worlds, no matter where I am trying to fit them.

prompt articles


Prompt 1

An ocean, desert, plain, pocket dimension, or other large expanse
Geographic Location | Jul 7, 2022

Prompt 2

A religion or organisation connected to a natural phenomenon
Association of Broom Makers
Organization | Sep 17, 2022

Prompt 3

A species that survives in an unlikely place
Peat Dragons
Species | Jul 4, 2022

Prompt 4

A vehicle or type of vehicle used for long journeys
A Witch's Broom
Vehicle | Sep 17, 2022

Prompt 5

A settlement beside or in a great expanse
Settlement | Jul 4, 2022

Prompt 6

A material only harvestable from nature
Moorland Heather
Material | Jul 9, 2022

Prompt 7

Α culture who lives by, near or within an ocean, desert or other expanse
Moorland Gnomes
Ethnicity | Sep 17, 2022

Prompt 8

Α food that marks a rite of passage for a culture in your world
Winter's Journey
Tradition / Ritual | Jul 5, 2022

Prompt 9


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