Moorland Heather

Across the slopes of the Moorlands grows one the most important materials in the Moorland Gnomes society, heather. The Gnomes have learned how to tend it to their advantage, along with the help of the local peat Dragons. It has a multitude of uses, and is a regular source of income via trade.  


Material Characteristics

A woody shrub with many small purple flowers which grow up long stalks. It is hardy and tough, can grow up to 3m tall, and tends to spread out in large swathes. It can live for up to forty years, becoming woodier and tougher as it ages.

Geology & Geography

Can be found abundantly in the Moorlands, and there are several other varieties which can be found spread across the highlands of the Rannoc Valley. The heather plant is fond of wet environments so the Moorlands is the perfect place for it, and it grows wildly. The Gnomes merely have to tame and shape it a little to suit their needs, without disrupting its natural cycle too much.  

History & Usage

Everyday use

It is ubiquitous in the daily lives of the Moorland Gnomes. They use it for everything from building materials, to rope, to fuel and even insulation.

Industrial Use

The older plants are used to make wood from, as their stalks make perfect building materials for the Gnomes. It can also be used to craft rope, and wooden tools and implements, and most Gnomish beds have heather matresses upon them.


Heather honey is a bit of an aquired taste, but for the Gnomes of the Moorlands it is a particular treat. There are several brave Gnomish beekeepers who ensure that there is always some available, and several even braver Gnomes who gather it from the wild. It is unknown whether it is the bees or the heather, or both, but Moorland heather honey is said to be the best in the Rannoc valley.

Byproducts & Sideproducts

The flowers can be used in some medicinal recipes and potions. Heather is known amongst the Gnomes and other folk interested in herbology, such as Witches, to help with problems of the bladder and assocated functions. The flowers can also be used in a tea said to calm the nerves.  


Trade & Market

The Gnomes do cultivate some of the heather for trade with the "Big-folk" settlements, as they also have many uses for it. The Gnomes are careful not to over cultivate though, so there isn't an endless supply of it, making it a reasonably profitable trading resource.


A Unique Property

Within the Moorlands there lie several patches of heather which seem to defy all laws of nature. They float several feet in the air, still clinging on to the soil which contains their roots. The true story behind the floating heather's origins is shrouded in mystery, and the usual Gnomish evasiveness. It is used by the Association of Broom Makers to craft the Brooms which are used by the Witches of Rannoc Valley.
A Witch's Broom
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