Dragonfly Cottage

First Impressions

The cottage turned out to be just a short cart ride from the town, no more than twenty minutes. I managed to catch a ride with a farmer, who was heading back to his farmstead after delivering supplies to the village tavern. I couldn't help but grin in delight as I got my first look at it. It was everything I had imagined a village witch's cottage to be. Thick thatched roof, rough stone walls, and a small, walled front garden. The wooden gate squeaked on it's hinges as I opened it to walk up the gravel path to the red front door, I must remember to oil that.     As I walked the few short feet to the front door, my brain played out the embarassing scene of the cottage refusing to let me in, but I shouldn't have worried. I placed my hand on the wood and spoke the words, and when the key came spitting out the letterbox it made me jump. Walking through the door of my own cottage this morning, was even better than earning my Witch's Hat.

A Cosy Home

It was dim inside, as all the windows were shuttered up, but I got an instant welcoming feel from the cottage, as if it was happy to have a witch step over its threshold again. I spent the rest of the day giving the place a good airing and clean down, and inspecting its every nook and cranny.   The place is cosy but not cramped, and the small loft bedroom under the eaves is perfectly adorable. All the furnishings are simple but well made, apart from the stove which is a fine piece of craftwork, i look forward to baking in it. Once I've got all my personal belongings laid out nicely, some herbs growing on the window sills, and a few plants scattered about, this cottage is going to be a wonderful home. I just know it!


  Reagent Plot: Moon Lotus
Dragonfly Cottage
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    28 Apr, 2022 13:26

    Aww it looks so cute and cosy. I like the first person perspective of entering it for the first time too.