A Well Deserved Rest

Some Relaxing Gardening

After the excitement of the previous two days I decided to take a couple of days to stay home and do some much needed chores around the Cottage. I weeded and dug over the planters in the front yard, and then did the same for the small reagent plot to the side of the cottage. I found some more planters in the small shed and filled them with some soil, making a mental note to get some fertilizer from one of the nearby farms. Now that everything was ready for planting, it was time to head into High Rannoc and pick up some supplies.  

Meeting New People

People in High Rannoc seem really friendly; everyone had a smile or greeting for me. The town has that quaint country charm about it, and while the buildings are a hodge-podge of styles and ages, it is obvious the townsfolk look after the place well.
  I had only just arrived at the town square, when a woman with flushed cheeks and windswept hair called me over. She had just returned from a hike on Moonbreaker Mountain and had found a Jumpkin. She saw me and realised I must be the new Witch, on account of the hat, and wanted to give it to me as a welcoming present.   I saw Elwick, and stopped to ask how he was doing. He smiled when he saw it was me, and thanked me profusely for the effectiveness of the potion. He was out with his wife, and he introduced her to me, her name is Rinta. We spoke together for a short while and she invited me over for tea, and I agreed to call in one afternoon next week.  

A Couple of Stops

I couldn't come to town and not visit the lunar tower. I climbed to the top and spent several minutes staring up at the swirling, scintillating patterns in the thaumaturgic glass, it was beautiful. Suddenly a beam of blue light shone down through the glass onto a small raised pedestal in the centre of the room. I quickly placed my foraging tools on the pedestal and left them there to soak up the concentrated magic, letting them attune to the current magic fields of the region.  

Shopping list

  • Potatoes
  • Tea
  • Flour
  • Oats
  • Eggs
  • Fruit & Veg
  • Butter
  • Salt
The market was on so I picked up some fresh produce and herb seeds, and introduced myself to the farmers and tradespeople that had come into town to sell their wares. I also stopped by the general goods store and got some store cupboard essentials, and of course stocked up on tea. With full baskets and a smile on my face I headed home to put my feet up.

Year 1752 - Spring Week 1 - Downtime

Town of High Rannoc
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New People

  Name: Rinta Greengrass   Description: A young woman with dark brown skin and short black hair. She has a beautiful smile and a warm rich laugh. Moved here recently with her husband Elwick, and seems eager to make new friends.   Occupation: Works at Mrs. Swallowtail's School for Youngsters, teaching the young children of the town and surrounding homesteads how to read and write.
Name: Ethel Barsby   Description: A middle-age woman with a mass of unruly red hair and a face full of freckles. She was quite tall and very well built, and to be honest a little intimidating. For all of her brusque manner, she was very welcoming and seems to have a great deal of respect for Witches.   Occupation: Owns and runs the local smithy with her brother. The business has been in the family for several generations.


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