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1107 ADW

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The lands of Wisteria were originally created to be the playground of the gods. Each god lived here in their true forms and tried their hand at creation with one of their own islands. Each island was unique to the god's whims, as the creatures and geography were hand-crafted by them. However, the creation of so many imperfect places and races in a land of gods served as the perfect environment for sabotage and subterfuge. Gods frequently manipulated the mortal thralls to pursue their godly ambitions and grudges, so war was ever-present. With time, webs of alliance formed and tensions rose to a boiling, which sparked the war to end all wars: the Dawn War. The amount of death and destruction was catastrophic, so the gods agreed to forgo their infinite power to create and destroy. They abandoned their failed attempt at creation, and the corporeal forms of the gods returned to their place in the outer planes for what was supposed to stay an eternity…   With the gods formally gone from the land, their ability to directly affect events disappeared as well. Their influence did not wane in the eyes of most mortals, though. Aloof to their departure, many still worshiped their creators, though they seemed to pray to deaf ears. The method the gods used to lock themselves out ensured that the gods themselves could never undo it. Instead, they require the assistance Wisterians to break through. Until then, they are nearly powerless.   The world is dominated by many small islands, each a former, failed experiment of a god. Most islands are a member of one of the four elemental civilizations: Ignis, Aquela, Terra, and Aurea. Few are unaffiliated. While the nations are at peace, it is quite fragile. Ignis, the oldest and strongest of them, is a constant source of fear which sparked the creation of the other nations. If its position as the Material Plane's police force were ever disturbed, the consequences could be catastrophic...

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