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Class: The impressionable librarian

Level one Primary Taking it to heart: (the librarian closed the book and in doing so they closed a chapter of their own life leaving a chance for something more) any time the owner of this class reads a book they can replace one of their attributes with an attribute from the book they also gain whatever attribute bonus the book has in that attribute if the attribute that was lost was wounded their new attribute is also wounded.   Reading the room: (there were a tenseness in the air the librarian felt the creatures red hot rage and felt himself shift in kind) After rolling to dye the owner of this class can set their swing and color to be equal to that of their opponent.   Level up requirements have all three attributes be different from the owners originals Heart of the shallow: (the librarian has changed in their time spent amongst monsters and tomes and they can no longer bring themselves to really care about the person they once were) attributes gained from taking it to heart no longer start of as wounded regardless of the state of the attribute that was given up.

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