General Summary

Mission Profile

  • Mission Type: Standup Fight
  • Force Size: 6000 BV
  • Mission Cost: 250 WP
  • Location: Wildstorm Valley
  • Weather: Lightning Storm
  • Time of Day: Midafternoon

Situation Overview

Senator Winters has a problem, as it seems Auburn's Lancers have settled on a part of her territory and aren't leaving. The place is known as Wildstorm Valley, known for severe lightning storms; most homesteaders give the region a wide berth during the storm season. Which is why Auburn's Lancers chose to move in, and have gone mostly unnoticed until now. The Harbingers have been contracted to chase them out.


Primary Objective: The mercenaries must be removed from the area, and it reclaimed. Destroy, cripple, or force to retreat 50% of the opposing force. (250 WP)
Secondary Objective: Sometimes a sincere threat prevents a later battle from happening. Force the enemy Lance Commander to quit the field before any other objectives are met. (50 WP)
Tertiary Objective: Nobody falls, nobody quits. Finish the mission without having a unit fall over. (50 WP)  


The battle area was chosen by Auburn's Lancers to nestle into a part of the flatlands where hills would protect the approaches and afford them some safety. As it was they quickly established a couple buildings and a communications relay to keep in contact with other elements out across White Reach. The command lance consisted of Commander Erik Auburn and three trusted associates, with one Hetzer left behind for support. Due to the inclement weather, the Hetzer's motion was highly restricted.

The Harbingers dropped in the east, and quickly moved in to engage while Auburn began moving his units into defensive positions. By the time the Harbingers arrived, the lance had been deployed and the Hetzer rolled out into position. Nevertheless, the Harbingers' approach allowed their Awesome a clear field of fire.



  • AWS-8Q (Deadeye) (1/3; PPC Specialist, Lucky 1)
  • HCT-3F A (Bones) (2/3; Melee Master, Melee Specialist)
  • HCT-3F C (Trailblazer) (3/4; Melee Master)
(Total BV: 6073)

Auburn's Lancers

  • ZEU-6S (2/5)
  • HBK-4G (3/5)
  • SHD-2D (4/6)
  • WHM-6R (4/4)
  • Hetzer (4/4)
(Total BV: 6329)


Special Rules

Forced Withdrawal: When certain conditions are met, the defending units will surrender in position. These conditions are as follows:
  • If a BattleMech expends all their ammunition and has no more available weapons.
  • If a BattleMech loses one side torso location due to damage.
  • If a BattleMech sustains internal damage in two torso locations or three limb locations.
  • If a BattleMech suffers two Engine hits or one Engine hit and one Gyro hit.
  • If a BattleMech is rendered immobile or otherwise unable to escape the battlefield.

Salvage: Salvage may be achieved for units left behind on the battlefield if the primary objective is met.
Lightning Storm: During the End Phase of every turn, roll 1D6. On a result of 1–4, nothing happens. On a result of 5–6, roll 1D6 again, dividing the result by 2 (round down, to a minimum of 1). This new result indicates the number of lightning bolts that have struck the ground. Once the type of lightning bolt has been determined, using any manner that the players agree on, randomly determine the hexes where the lightning strikes. All units within that hex take 5 damage. This damage is applied as a single Damage Value grouping from a single attack from a randomly determined direction, to a single location (for units with locations). For conventional infantry, the attack is resolved as though it originated from another infantry unit.
  • All Units: Apply a +1 to-hit modifier to all weapon attacks; instead apply a +2 to-hit modifier to all missile weapon attacks.
  • Conventional Infantry: Apply –1 MP to both Ground and Jumping movement to all conventional infantry, to a minimum of 0; any units reduced to 0 MP can either move or make a weapon attack in a turn, but not both.
  • Mud: Mud occurs in every hex across the playing area (except for water hexes of Depth 1+, standard roads and building hexes). Apply a +1 MP cost to enter a mud hex, as well as a +1 modifier to all Driving Skill Rolls made while in that hex. ’Mechs and Hover Vehicles ignore mud.

Special Abilities

Lucky: Sometimes you just find luck when you least expect it. For each point of Lucky, this pilot may reroll one Gunnery or Piloting roll per scenario.
Melee Master: It's a savage dance, melee combat, and those who have honed their talents can make it rather deadly. This unit may perform an additional additional punch kick, or weapon attack on its turn.
Melee Specialist: Few people can focus well on melee combat with 'Mechs, since it requires a shift to thinking about how you approach the enemy. Those who do hone this sense receive a -1 To-Hit bonus for melee attacks, and will do 1 extra damage on a hit.
Weapons Specialist: Training and time have brought a sense of a particular weapon and how to get the most out of it. This unit has a -2 To-Hit bonus with their chosen weapon.

Battle Report


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"Okay you two, this is it. It's just us going in, so I want two things to be clear. Nobody has permission to get killed today. As far as the intel knows, there's a lance plus a vehicle down there and they're squatting on someone else's land. The sensors are having problems with the storm, but I pick out two mediums, a heavy, and an assault. No clue on the vehicle yet. Just in case, we'll be dropping flares for a dustoff zone, if we need to bail. I don't know if they'll give us a chance to run, and the weather's pretty nasty out there." Deadeye paused, and sighed, seeing the flash of lightning in the distant clouds. "Oh, and if you get hit by lightning, remember your systems should be protected from the power surge but you still are going to feel it. Try not to pass out, you'll just embarrass me. Drop zone in range in five minutes."

Turn One

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As the Lancers moved up, the Harbingers' Awesome landed three PPC shots into Commander Auburn's Zeus, causing it to slip in the mud and fall. The Hunchback and Shadow Hawk went over to cover that side, while the Warhammer began moving up the left flank volleying shots at the Hatchetman there. The Hetzer plowed through the mud, valiantly attempting to get into the fray.  

Turn Two

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The Harbingers continued to pound inwards under the storm, the Hatchetman on the flank moving to engage the Warhammer while the Awesome turned its torso to blast it hard. Commander Auburn ordered the rest of his lance into cover, wanting to ambush the Awesome outright. Lightning flashed in the clouds, reminding everyone on the field of the storm still whipping around them.  

Turn Three

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The Shadow Hawk decides to jump onto the hill, and for its troubles the Hatchetman nails it in the face with a Medium Laser and in the torso with the other Laser and Autocannon/10, causing it to fall over as its shots return damage to the other medium 'Mech. The Zeus and Awesome exchange fire, but the weather makes it hard for Commander Auburn to get a good shot with missiles. The Warhammer stands and then fires a PPC off into the Hatchetman on the flank, connecting solidly and forcing an evaluation of matters.  

Turn Four

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The Hetzer manages to make it to the hill, prompting the Hatchetman to try to decide if it wants to take the risk to engage the Warhammer. It does take the risk, and the Hetzer fires off its Autocannon/20, though the shot fails to connect. The Hunchback, however, turns and lets loose into the right side of the Hatchetman, shearing through the torso and blowing the right arm clear off. The Warhammer takes the opportunity of that covering zone to fire its PPCs at the other Hatchetman, tagging it in the side as well.
The Hatchetman focuses its ire on the Shadow Hawk, however, its Medium Laser landing straight into the face of the other 'Mech. The pilot inside had no time to react, and was killed. Simultaneously, the Awesome and Zeus exchanged fire again, this time the Awesome taking some more serious damage while its PPCs proceeded to explode the ammunition in the left arm and tearing the Zeus apart from the explosion.
Commander Auburn ejected, but a lightning strike which hit the Zeus' wreckage before it collapsed barely missed his ejection seat but the concussive blast knocked him unconscious and caused him to land fatally rather than safely.  

Turn Five

(Note: Sadly, no photo was taken due to technical error.)
The Warhammer continued to fight on, despite heavy damage and the Commander having been killed. The Hetzer proceeded to come around to try to shoot, while the Hatchetman decided to move out of the way of that Autocannon and attack the Warhammer in the back. It managed a solid shot with its remaining Medium Laser and a punch, as the Warhammer shot off at the Awesome and managed to connect again.
The Hunchback moved forward, chasing the Awesome, who managed to savage the Warhammer terribly with its PPCs. The other Hatchetman was able to tag the Hunchback in the arm with a Medium Laser, almost taunting it to come over.  

Turn Six

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The final throes of the battle ended with the Hunchback bearing down on the Awesome and the Warhammer pushing its luck pursuing. The Harbingers hesitated, seeing the state of the Warhammer and wanting to claim it as salvage. Then it landed a barrage into the Awesome, and was put down with two PPC strikes into the torso. The Hunchback and Hetzer began to withdraw, leaving what was left on the field to the Harbingers.  


Senator Winters' aide came out to inspect the area after the worst of the storm had passed, getting crews to begin stripping anything of value out of the Lancers' Command Post. He was pleased with the Harbingers' efforts and agreed to speak with his employer favorably about the mercenaries. The favor would be bought with a heavy toll, however, as another Hatchetman was going to be out of commission due to damage. If it had not been for the Awesome's 'MechWarrior this would have gone much differently. As the Union streaked away from the battlefield with salvage in the hold, the question did come up on whether it was worth it. Followed by a question about what the Lancers would do now that their commander was killed.
No easy questions.

Damage Report


  • AWS-8Q: Left Arm (5 Armor), Right Arm (20 Armor), Right Leg (10 Armor), Right Torso (16 Armor), Center Torso (9 Armor)
  • HCT-3F A: Right Arm (Detached), Right Leg (3 Armor), Left Torso (10 Armor), Right Torso (Destroyed), Center Torso (5 Armor)
  • HCT-3F C: Right Arm (4 Armor), Right Torso (10 Armor), Center Torso (14 Armor, 25% Structure), AC/10 Ammunition (1 Hit), AC/10 Ammunition (1 Hit)


  • HCT-3F A: AC/10 (2 tons)
  • HCT-3F C: AC/10 (1 ton)

Parts Not In Stock

  • HCT-3F B: Autocannon/10, Structure (45t; Right Torso)

Medical Report

  • Nothing to report.

Salvage Report

  • SHD-2D: Salvaged. Sent to Calderon Firebase.
  • WHM-6R: Destroyed. Valued at 175 SP.
  • ZEU-6S: Destroyed. Valued at 200 SP.

Components Salvaged

  • PPC (2)
  • Machine Gun (1)
  • Small Laser (1)
  • Medium Laser (1)
  • LRM 15 (1)
  • Structure (80t Mech: RT, LL, RL, RA, H)
  • Structure (70t Mech: LT, LA, RA, LL, RL, Head)

Mission Report

Primary Objective: Succeeded. (+250 WP)
Secondary Objective: Succeeded. (+50 WP)
Tertiary Objective: Succeeded. (+50 WP)

  Salvage Awarded: 375 SP value, plus components.  

NPC Report


  • SHD-2D (4/6): Recovered. MechWarrior KIA.


  • ZEU-6S (2/5): Destroyed through torso damage. 'MechWarrior KIA.
  • WHM-6R (4/4): Destroyed through torso damage. 'MechWarrior captured.


  • HBK-4G (3/5): Escaped the field.
  • Hetzer (4/4): Escaped the field.


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