Marshland Melee

General Summary

Mission Profile

  • Mission Type: Standup Fight
  • Force Size: Unlimited
  • Location: Grid G12
  • Weather: Cloudy
  • Time of Day: Afternoon

Situation Overview

While scouting south of Calderon Firebase, the Harbingers' Beta Excursion group ran into a Lance of Lyran Commonwealth 'Mechs supported by some vehicles. From all appearances, the Lyrans were in pursuit of another group of mercenaries and assumed the Harbingers were allies of them coming to cover the retreat. The Lyran commander opted to engage, pushing into a marshy field with limited cover and treacherous terrain. However, it would slow down the enemy close to the same amount, and the Harbingers had heavy ranged support vehicles.


Objective: Destroy, or force 50% of the enemy forces to withdraw.  


Both players set up terrain in alternating fashions; 1d6 Hill elements, 1d6+2 Rough Terrain elements, 3d6 Shallow Water elements. (For this battle, these are 5, 6, and 9 respectively) The Harbingers choose one side to enter from, and the Lyran forces begin on the opposite edge.  


Beta Excursion

  • CTF-1X ("Sassy") (2/3; Sniper)
  • HCT-3F A ("Badboi") (2/4; Melee Master)
  • HCT-3F B ("Bones") (3/5; Melee Master)
  • HCT-3F C ("Trailblazer") (3/5; Melee Master)
  • LRM Carrier ("Crew 11") (4/5)
  • Schrek PPC ("Crew 33") (4/5)

Lyran Forces

  • MAD-3R (3/4)
  • ON1-K (3/4)
  • GRF-1S (4/4)
  • UM-R60 (4/5)
  • Rommel (4/4)
  • Harasser (4/5)
  • Pegasus (3/3)


Special Rules

Forced Withdrawal: When certain conditions are met, the defending units will surrender in position. These conditions are as follows:
  • If a BattleMech expends all their ammunition and has no more available weapons.
  • If a BattleMech loses one side torso location due to damage.
  • If a BattleMech sustains internal damage in two torso locations or three limb locations.
  • If a BattleMech suffers two Engine hits or one Engine hit and one Gyro hit.
  • If a BattleMech is rendered immobile or otherwise unable to escape the battlefield.
Salvage: Salvage may be achieved for units left behind on the battlefield if the objectives are met.
Mud Holes: The Rough Terrain elements are "mud holes". Any Vehicle entering a mud hole hex on their turn (without hover-type movement) must make a Driving check (at a +4) to avoid bogging down and ending their move; tracked-type vehicles instead add +3 to their skill for their target number. On a roll of 2, any vehicle which is not hover-type is immobile for the rest of the combat. Any 'Mech entering a mud hole hex on their turn must make a Piloting check (at a +3) or cease movement as the suction of the mud prevents the 'Mech from removing its leg to continue movement.  

Special Abilities

Melee Master: It's a savage dance, melee combat, and those who have honed their talents can make it rather deadly. This unit may perform an additional additional punch kick, or weapon attack on its turn.
Sniper: Experience teaches pilots how to lead distant targets better, making it less difficult to hit their targets. This pilot halves all standard range penalties (+1 for medium range, +2 for long range).

Battle Report


(Image Link)
The Lyrans were convinced the Harbingers' Lance would break and run once they could demonstrate their aptitude. However, they were stuck with a single UrbanMech which was considerably incapable of keeping up with the rest of the Lance. It was quietly written off as a loss, or a rear guard in case of fast attack units from the Harbingers.
The Harbingers moved into the marshy ground, looking for an approach which would grant them the least amount of problems with the unstable ground. Large swaths of thick muddy pools gave an impression of level terrain, but they all were well aware there was no telling how deep those pools were. Getting bogged down and stuck in them was not going to be unheard of.

Turn 1

(Image Link: Lyrans)
(Image Link: Harbingers)
Both sides approached cautiously, under radio silence and picking through the marsh carefully. The Lyran commander concocted the plan to send the Harasser and Pegasus around behind to distract some of the enemy, while everyone else moved for the ridge in the center of the battle area.
The Harbingers instead chose to move as a unit, towards the area with the least mud. Their goal was to stick together so the Hatchetmen could focus on one target together at a time and the Cataphract, PPC Carrier would help punch holes on approach. The LRM Carrier would exploit any openings with a barrage of three LRM-20 launchers.  

Turn 2

(Image Link: Lyrans)
(Image Link: Harbingers)
The Harbingers continued their march, and spotted a fast-moving hover vehicle trying to flank them. Hatchet Alpha was assigned to stay back and protect the vehicles, altering the plan only slightly. The only other thing they could discern was the presence of a medium 'Mech approaching the middle area of the combat zone.
The Lyrans advanced the Harasser forward, only to have the pilot fail to keep control during a turn and brush up against a hillside. The sight of a massed advance had them choose to send the Rommel, Orion, and Griffin to meet them while the UrbanMech continued to move forward steadily but surely.  

Turn 3

(Image Link)
Now the engagement began to shape up properly, as the Harasser darted across the middle to join the Pegasus for an upcoming missile run on the vehicles. The Harbingers lacked a firing solution, but the Griffin braced itself and let fly a small volley of LRMs which managed to tag the Cataphract and surprise the Harbinger commander.
The Marauder made for the water, intending to use it to help vent heat and lend fire support to the Orion and Griffin. The Rommel continued using the small rise in the center as a goal to move towards, and the UrbanMech 'MechWarrior was wondering just why Kommandant Valdane had selected him for the UrbanMech and this engagement.  

Turn 4

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The Harasser and Pegasus swing around, but neither manage to tag the PPC Carrier with any shots; instead the Hatchetman waiting there unloaded into the Harasser and drilled it down through the turret with its Autocannon. The Marauder fires into Hatchet Two, as does the Orion and Griffin, causing it to stumble and fall with its right side shredded open by the mass of fire it had taken.
The UrbanMech continues its approach, the 'MechWarrior wondering if it was joking about "trash can duty" being better than KP that landed him this.  

Turn 5

(Image Link)
Hatchet Alpha continued its cleanup, taking some shots from the Pegasus but peeling it open through the back with two successive hatchet strikes. That done, it radioed that it would begin joining the main battle.
The Marauder stepped out of the small lake and began to fire on Hatchet Three, as it and the Griffin closed to close distance and exchanged fire. Hatchet Three had its armor melted across its body, and managed to bury a quick blow with the hatchet into the Griffin's chest. The Orion shot into the Cataphract, dealing some minor damage. From the rear, the LRM Carrier unleashed a cloud of missiles which slammed into the Rommel, blasting much of its armor away and damaging the motive system.
The UrbanMech continued its slow advance, and the 'MechWarrior inside wondered if this really was worse than KP duty . . .  

Turn 6

(Image Link)
The Griffin moved around to the LRM Carrier following the display of a missile-cloud and began to focus fire on it, savaging it along the side and front. Hatchet Alpha engaged, landing some damage into the Griffin to try to chase it off.
In the main battle, however, the Rommel missed again with its main weapon and only dealt minor damage to the Hatchetmen closing in on it. The Orion went around it and joined fire with the Marauder to attack the Cataphract and deal some serious damage this turn. The Hatchetman in front of the Rommel ripped into the side of it with a hatchet strike, while the one on its right side proceeded to finish it off with a gout of smoke.
The UrbanMech finally had a firing solution, but at extreme range. The 'MechWarrior almost squeezed off a shot anyway, but preferred to wait just a little longer.  

Turn 7

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The Hatchetmen turned their attention to the Orion, waiting for it to back off before pouncing on it to strike. Hatchet Alpha savaged the Griffin a little more, while taking only a minor hit in return. The Marauder shot off its weapons, and managed to hit Hatchet Two, but not enough to matter as the Cataphract and two Hatchetmen proceeded to demolish the Orion. The Orion took one Medium Laser to the face, and then a hatchet strike, the 'MechWarrior inside failing to get the manual eject to release as the Orion collapsed from the damage it had taken.
The UrbanMech then took its shot, and it landed with almost no consequence into Hatchet Three's right torso.  

Turn 8

(Image Link)
The Lyrans continued retreating, backing away to the marsh pools and trying to concentrate fire on the more damaged 'Mechs on the field. The Cataphract fired into the Marauder, causing it to stagger but the Marauder remained upright and sent a one-two punch which caused the heavily damaged Hatchetman to fall apart entirely on the right side, yet the pilot somehow managed to keep it upright on one leg. In the exchange of fire, the Marauder's Autocannon/5 was severely damaged and rendered inoperable.
The Griffin in the meantime was jumping just ahead of the elite Hatchetman who remained chasing it, absorbing hits and seeming to pray nothing was going to break down which he really needed. The UrbanMech finally made it into the fray, announcing its arrival with an Autocannon shot into one of the other Hatchetmen which tore a large hole in its left arm.  

Turn 9

(A minor note: after turn eight the cellphone we were taking photos with failed to capture any more photos for some reason and we didn't realize until we pulled the data off it. Therefore the last turn has no photo. My apologies.)
The Griffin and Marauder continued to pull back, with the UrbanMech plodding along slowly after the Hatchetmen and taking shots at them. The two Hatchetmen who came to the Marauder began to rain shots down on it as much as they could, even the one standing on one leg, while the Cataphract stood on the ridge and tried to remove the Griffin.
The final exchange of shots was too much for the Marauder, as the head took an Autocannon/10 round and was breached just before the Hatchetman close to it kicked out its leg and sent it down into the marsh. The ejection system malfunctioned, causing the pilot to drown. The Griffin and UrbanMech both surrendered, starting to withdraw steadily.
Despite the heavily damaged Hatchetman, the day had been won. The Harbingers will have now repelled the Lyrans twice and inflicted serious losses.  


'MechWarrior Braun fidgeted as he stood in the Kommandant's office, as she read his report. He wanted to protest this wasn't his fault, that there was no way he could have changed things. But she knew, and more importantly she didn't care.
"'MechWarrior Braun."
"Ma'am?" He tightened up his stance, hoping maybe if he stood at attention well enough it would matter.
The look in her eyes said differently. "Do you understand just how badly we were beaten?" She tapped another file visible on her display. "Lance Commander Trenton has returned to base, and his report is now joining yours as a reason to start sending all of you back for more training."
She stood up, planting her palms on the desk before lowering her voice. "But I don't have that luxury. This was supposed to be simple, and the mercenaries here." Her voice twisted with disgust. "Have decided they want war."
"Ma'am?" He shivered at the look she was giving him.
"Your UrbanMech was the only unit to escape without damage." She walked around the desk and stood inches from his face. "Some might see that in the report and wonder if it was cowardice." As he flinched, she spoke slower and quieter. "I know it was a punishment backfiring on you. You are not to blame for what happened." Braun almost thought he should look relieved, until she smiled. That was never a good sign, and his fear was proven by her next words. "But you will be assigned to Lance Commander Trenton's group. I intend to put the fear of the Archon into these mercenaries, and show them just what the Commonwealth can do."
She walked back around the desk, and sat down slowly. "They have an Atlas, but we don't need to use ours for this." She glanced up through the video display. "Dismissed." After he left, she reached for her comm and keyed it for her adjutant. "Get me Hauptmann Yoen and copies of these two battle reports. I want to be sure we spend time on a plan of attack."

Damage Report

  • HCT-3F A: Left Arm (2 Armor), Left Leg (2 Armor), Right Leg (2 Armor), Left Torso (6 Armor), Right Torso (2 Armor)
  • HCT-3F B: Left Arm (7 Armor), Right Arm (Destroyed), Right Leg (Destroyed), Right Torso (Destroyed), Center Torso (14 Armor, 50% Structure)
  • HCT-3F C: Right Arm (5 Armor), Left Leg (8 Armor), Right Torso (14 Armor, 50% Structure), Center Torso (5 Armor)
  • CTF-1X: Right Arm (10 Armor), Left Leg (5 Armor), Right Leg (20 Armor), Left Torso (5 Armor), Right Torso (15 Armor), Center Torso (14 Armor)
  • LRM Carrier: Left (5 Armor), Right (12 Armor, Structure)


  • HCT-3F A: AC/10 (1 ton)
  • HCT-3F B: AC/10 (1 ton)
  • HCT-3F C: AC/10 (1 ton)
  • CTF-1X: AC/10 (1 ton)
  • LRM Carrier: LRM 20 (3 tons)

Parts Not In Stock

  • HCT-3F B: Structure (45t; Right Arm, Right Leg, Right Torso)

Medical Report

No new casualties.

Salvage Report

  • MAD-3R: Salvaged. Sent to Calderon Firebase.
  • ON1-K: Salvage. Sent to Calderon Firebase.
  • Rommel: Destroyed. Value is 82 SP
  • Pegasus: Destroyed. Value is 44 SP
  • Harasser: Destroyed. Value is 32 SP

Components Salvaged

  • Autocannon/20 (1)
  • Small Laser (1)
  • Medium Laser (1)
  • SRM-6 (4)
  • LRM-5 (1)

NPC Report


  • MAD-3R (3/4): Surrendered. 'MechWarrior captured.
  • ON1-K (3/4): Surrendered. 'MechWarrior captured.


  • Rommel (4/4): Destroyed. Crew killed.
  • Harasser (4/5): Destroyed. Crew killed.
  • Pegasus (3/3): Destroyed. Crew killed.


  • GRF-1S (4/4): Escaped.
  • UM-R60 (4/5): Escaped.


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