Hatchet Hounds

General Summary

Mission Profile

  • Mission Type: Pursuit
  • Force Size: 3000 BV
  • Track Cost: 400 WP

Situation Overview

Commander Dupree dispatched the new Mongoose BattleMech and a pair of Hatchetmen to chase down the escaping forces. The hope is to catch up and secure more prisoners to question about who they are and where their base is. The Hatchetmen square off in preparation to catch the fleeing 'Mechs, intent on stopping them cold.  


Primary Goal: The escaping 'Mechs need to be stopped from escaping the far end of the engagement area. At least half of the enemy 'Mechs must be destroyed or crippled before they can escape. (Reward: 500 WP)
Secondary Goal: The Harbingers must not have any units forced to withdraw. (Reward: 100 WP)  


The area is rather sparse, containing four Light Woods terrain elements, three Rough terrain elements, and one Shallow Water terrain element. The Harbingers set up on one side of the field, while the fleeing BattleMechs set up on the other edge.  


Unknown Combatants

  • SHD-2H (4/5)
  • WSP-1A (4/5)
  • PHX-1 (4/5)
  • LCT-1V (4/5)

The Harbingers

  • HCT-3F ("Badboi") (3/4)
  • HCT-3F ("Sureshot") (4/5)
  • MON-67 ("Spike") (4/5)


Special Rules

Off-Board Reserve: Units in the off-board reserve enter from the edge of the board designated by the attackers at the end of turn two and may move on turn three.
Salvage: Whatever units do not escape from the board by the end of the match may be claimed as battlefield salvage.  

Battle Report


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The comms crackled, a distorted voice coming through to the Hatchetman in command. "Mongoose to Hatchet Team. You've got incoming, I'm only a breath behind them."

"Badboi" inhaled softly and nodded to himself; the Mongoose was a fast machine, this should be easier once they stopped the advance. "We read you, Mongoose, get ready to engage when we stop them. Sureshot, let's go for crippling damage not killing blows. If you can catch someone with their back to you, take the shot."

Turn 1

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The fleeing forces took one look at the Hatchetmen coming from their escape path and immediately moved as fast as they could for any woods cover they could find. The Hatchetmen moved ahead, keeping their sensors open for any change in the enemy movements.  

Turn 2

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Still out of range for combat, both forces continued to warily maneuver towards each other. The Locust continued running at full speed down the side of the engagement area, hoping to sneak past in the process. The Wasp chose to try the other side of the field to keep from being an easy target, while the Phoenix Hawk and Shadow Hawk moved to cover each other's motions.  

Turn 3

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Here's where things start up with the Mongoose streaking onto the battlefield and headed right for the Shadow Hawk, blazing away with everything it can. The Wasp heads for the water with the intent to jump out of it later as the Hatchetmen both open fire at anything in range. The Phoenix Hawk stopped to shoot back at a Hatchetman, scoring a hit with its lasers but doing no appreciable damage. It becomes clear to the Harbingers the Locust is going to escape, and the idea they can either take the Phoenix Hawk or the Shadow Hawk but not both - thus they opt for the Phoenix Hawk.  

Turn 4

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The Hatchetman piloted by "Sureshot" moved into position to halt the Wasp and started lobbing weapons fire at it; the two lasers on his Hatchetman blew off the Wasp's right arm and thus rendered it almost powerless to fight back. The Phoenix Hawk and "Badboi" engaged each other, managing to land hits which did not cause more than minor damage. Meanwhile, the Mongoose tore through the back armor of the Shadow Hawk with its weapons, intending to do its best to try to stop it from escaping. The Locust managed to pick its way through the rough ground and into the clear now, escaping to deliver a warning.  

Turn 5

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The two Hatchetmen continued to engage their targets, the Wasp jumping clear of the water and hoping to be a tougher target to hit. However, "Badboi", the more experienced 'MechWarrior managed to strip the armor off one of its legs with his Medium Lasers. The Phoenix Hawk clashed with the other Hatchetman and absorbed a good deal of damage in the process, managing to keep its footing after clashing at close range. The Shadow Hawk continued to work on evading the Mongoose's attention, moving for the woods nearby.  

Turn 6

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The fleeing Wasp attempted to cut through the firefight between the Phoenix Hawk and Hatchetmen and manage to go unnoticed, while the Shadow Hawk continued running for the border of the combat area. The Phoenix Hawk managed to escape as the Mongoose and Hatchetman turned their attention and shattered the Wasp's torso, causing it to fall down and not move. The Shadow Hawk took another couple blasts from the Hatchetman pursuing it, and wound up losing balance and falling down.  

Turn 7

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The Hatchetmen and Mongoose descended on the Shadow Hawk as it rose and started to attempt escaping, though it was now sorely outnumbered. Its legs were damaged to the point where it couldn't stand or move any longer, rendering it immobile and at the mercy of the Harbingers. With that, the Harbingers now have two more prisoners and can claim a narrow margin of victory on this operation.  


Commander Dupree and his executive officer now have information about the mercenary outfit which went after them, and the general location of their base of operations. They were called "Pryde's Crucible", and had been a reinforced company in size until engaging the Harbingers and losing a considerable amount of BattleMechs. The Harbingers would be going up against an experienced opponent, now, and would have to put all their weight into this battle. As soon as the pursuit squad returned, he set about prioritizing their repair and rearming so all available units can be put to the field.

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Report Date
05 Dec 2015


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