Grendich Downs

General Summary

Mission Profile

  • Mission Type: Recon
  • Force Size: 3500 BV
  • Track Cost: 100 WP

Situation Overview

Having narrowed down the location of the jamming signal, Priam Company now has Pegasus Lance to operate as the scouting force it was assembled for. The Grendich Downs has to be searched, and once information can be gathered a battle plan made for how to take care of it out. Since speed is valued, the Griffin of Pegasus Lance will be held in reserve to join the battle force after the scouts return home. Instead, the newly-repaired Stinger will be deployed.  


Primary Goal: Scan up to half of the buildings in the combat area. Attacking units must exit the combat area from the direction they entered by ending their movement on the edge of the defined area. (Reward: 150 WP)
Secondary Goal: All of Pegasus Lance must escape the combat area within six turns. (Reward: 50 WP)
Secondary Goal: Successfully scan the building which has the jamming equipment in it. (Reward: 50 WP)


The facility is comprised of one large rectangular building, two smaller building complexes, and a large two-story reinforced building. The buildings must all be placed in the approximate middle of the combat area.. Prior to setting up the forces, and making it hidden knowledge, the defending player chooses one of these buildings to place the jamming device in. Place six Mesa Elements around the battlefield. They, and the buildings, may no be less than three hexes away from the edge of the board.

Priam Company's player chooses one edge which is their entrance into the battlefield, and sets up there once the terrain has been positioned. When it comes time to leave the battlefield, they must exit through that edge or be lost. The unknown forces set up on the opposite edge from where Priam Company enters.  


Priam Company
Pegasus Lance

  • Stinger (Simone) (3/4)
  • Locust (Otto) (4/5)
  • Raven ("Vandal") (4/5)
  • Wolfhound (Kelly) (3/4)

Unknown Forces

  • AWS-8Q (2/3)
  • BNC-3E (4/5)
  • CPLT-K2 (4/5)
  • QKD-4G (4/5)


Special Rules

Forced Withdrawal: When certain conditions are met, a unit must withdraw towards its home edge and may only engage targets in range during the withdrawal. These conditions are as follows:
  • If a BattleMech expends all their ammunition and has no more available weapons.
  • If a BattleMech loses one side torso location due to damage.
  • If a BattleMech sustains internal damage in two torso locations or three limb locations.
  • If a BattleMech suffers two Engine hits or one Engine hit and one Gyro hit.
  • If a BattleMech is rendered immobile or otherwise unable to escape the battlefield.
Scanning (Deep): Deep scanning a target takes a more thorough arrangement, requiring a friendly unit to move within three hexes of the target and focus its sensors on it for two turns. This means it cannot fire, and can only identify one target at a time.  

Battle Report


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The group of buildings and mesas was mostly unreal, thought Simone as she guided the Stinger to stop for a moment and hold out an arm to signal the other 'Mechs in her group to stop. The sensors had been acting up much like the comm systems, but she could sense something wasn't right. "Okay, I want this quick, this has to be the place. Two, Three. You get what you can. Four, cover us."

The computer chimed into Simone's ear, and she tilted her head to listen. "Enemy Detected." A glance to her sensor panel, and she saw four signals on the far side of the facility. Well, hopefully they weren't faster than Pegasus Lance.

Turn 1

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Once the sensors picked up an enemy force, it became a race to try to scan the buildings before the two forces would enter combat. Pegasus Lance began to diverge to try to figure out the four buildings with each set of sensors, sending their Locust ahead to the farthest target since it was the fastest unit in Pegasus Lance. While the Stinger and the Raven have similar speeds, the Raven has the edge of more powerful sensors and was sent towards one of the more dangerous targets so it could be done quicker.  

Turn 2

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Once the Locust reaches the large two-story building at the heart of the facility, it began scanning and the Raven likewise picked the tall building which resembled a quickly-assembled storage building. The Stinger parked itself near the one U-shaped building, starting to scan it over while picking up the slowly advancing enemy force.  

Turn 3

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The enemy BattleMechs now make themselves known, a Quickdraw jumping on top of the center building but not really finding a firing solution on the Locust. The Wolfhound scrambled to the remaining building as the Raven and Stinger finished their sensor sweeps and began to stay out of firing solutions. Especially as the pilot in the Locust remarked there was an Awesome and another Assault 'Mech on the field.  

Turn 4

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The Raven and Locust move full speed away from their buildings, while the Wolfhound stays put to finish its scan. The fourth enemy BattleMech could not be identified by sensors as anything other than a 'Catapult, Variant Unknown', which made the lance commander wary of what that could mean. With the scanning finishing shortly and the enemy taking up a defensive posture around the facility, Pegasus Lance quickly withdrew.  


Now that the jamming signal has been located definitively, it is time to mobilize Sagittarius Lance to move in and eliminate either the source or the opposition. The enemy has time to reinforce their position, however, so this shouldn't be taken lightly. The Wolfhound will be added to support Sagittarius Lance, and the Griffin will replace the Valkyrie as the fourth member.

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Report Date
16 Aug 2016


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