General Summary

Mission Profile

  • Mission Type: Standup Fight
  • Force Size: Unlimited
  • Location: Grid H15
  • Weather: Clear
  • Time of Day: Early Evening

Situation Overview

The Harbingers have decided to go after one of the forces close to Calderon Firebase, dispatching their heavier assets. The other side has scrambled now to get ready to fight back, fielding a small amount of units, while their Dropship is opting to get started in the hopes of being able to take them out of the area.  


Objective: Destroy, or force 50% of the enemy forces to withdraw.  


The approach moves along a tidal plain where sand dunes and tidal pools keep going rough. Both players set up terrain in alternating fashions; there are 2d6 rough elements, 1d6 water elements, 2d6 hill elements. (11 rough elements, 2 water elements, 5 hill elements.) The Attacker chooses one side of the board to enter from, and the Defender sets up on the other half of the battlefield. Each of the Defender's units may be placed a number of hexes from their home edge equal to their maximum movement, on any hex they legally could enter.
The Harbingers' approach found Auburn's Lancers digging in to fight, scrambling for some form of cover in vain. Auburn's Lancers have their Harassers in position to dart into the back of the advancing Harbigners, and try to split their 'Mechs to catch whatever advances forward. Alas for them, they did not expect an Atlas backed by several Assault-class Vehicles.  



  • AS7-D (Adamant) (1/4; Combat Intuition)
  • CTF-1X (Sassy) (2/3; Sniper)
  • MON-67 B (Sureshot) (2/4; Maneuvering Ace, Human TRO: Mechs)
  • Behemoth (Crew 6) (3/5; Speed Demon)
  • VNL-K70 (Crew 9) (3/5; Multi-Tasker)
  • LRM Carrier (Crew 11) (3/5; Sandblaster)
  • Schrek PPC Carrier (Crew 33) (3/5; Multitasker)

Unknown Forces

  • UM-R60 (6/6)
  • SHD-2D (3/6)
  • CRD-3R (3/6)
  • TDR-5S (4/5)
  • Harasser (4/5)
  • Harasser (4/5)
  • Devastator (4/5)


Special Rules

Forced Withdrawal: When certain conditions are met, the defending units will surrender in position. These conditions are as follows:
  • If a BattleMech expends all their ammunition and has no more available weapons.
  • If a BattleMech loses one side torso location due to damage.
  • If a BattleMech sustains internal damage in two torso locations or three limb locations.
  • If a BattleMech suffers two Engine hits or one Engine hit and one Gyro hit.
  • If a BattleMech is rendered immobile or otherwise unable to escape the battlefield.
  Salvage: Salvage may be achieved for units left behind on the battlefield if the objectives are met.

Special Abilities

Combat Intuition: By means of concentration and awareness, a soldier can manage to get the jump on a target ready to move. This pilot can take one wound (no Consciousness Check is required) to choose a target to focus on. They may immediately act before that target, entirely out of turn. All damage takes effect immediately. Alternatively, they may choose to act last in movement initiative.
Maneuvering Ace: This pilot has practiced a lot concerning movement, and can make their units do some truly amazing stunts. This pilot can employ the "lateral shift" maneuver at +1 MP if they are a MechWarrior. They also receive a -1 bonus to rolls to prevent skidding/sideslipping.
Multi-Tasker: Whenever you want to exploit a target-rich environment, or just need to have your attention divided, it's difficult. However, this pilot reduces all attacks against secondary targets by a -1 To-Hit bonus after working on their ability to split their focus.
Sandblaster: This unit rolls on the Cluster Hit table better than average. At long range they get a +2 bonus, at medium range they get +3 instead, and at short range they get +4 instead.
Sniper: Experience teaches pilots how to lead distant targets better, making it less difficult to hit their targets. This pilot halves all standard range penalties (+1 for medium range, +2 for long range).
Speed Demon: This unit may move 1 extra space while using Running/Flank speed, but it may make no attack action this round.

Battle Report


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"This force needs to be pushed back, and we need to be sure it won't be back at an inopportune moment. Such as if the Lyrans decide to push in, or someone else drops onto the continent. That's why I'm taking everyone I can spare. Hopefully it will be enough to make them just abandon the idea and take off. I'm betting not, though, so let's hit them hard."

Turn One

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The enemy sent their Harassers out, darting between the high sand dunes towards the vehicles the 'Mechs were escorting. However, one of them began to sideslip and had to stop while the other got to the LRM Carrier and PPC Carrier before having the Schrek blast it to pieces with a PPC shot. The Thunderbolt and Shadow Hawk both advanced towards those vehicles, deciding they were more dangerous than the Atlas. And possibly easier to handle.
The Mongoose meanwhile headed along the middle dune ridge, spotting the other units and deciding to make the Shadow Hawk pay. The Crusader tried to get a firing solution on the Mongoose but failed.  

Turn Two

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The LRM Carrier and Schrek pushed forwards steadily, as the Mongoose and Cataphract met the Thunderbolt and Shadow Hawk for a devastating exchange which caused both the other BattleMechs to fall down, though not before the Thunderbolt nailed the Cataphract full in the face with its Large Laser. The Shadow Hawk barely gets shots off, before going down. Once on the ground, the Mongoose was able to kick the Shadow Hawk and break its arm.
On the other side, the Crusader slowly advanced and fired its LRM-15 launchers into the Von Luckner, scoring only minor damage. The two tanks followed the direction, slowly wheeling towards it now, cognizant of how dangerous the Crusader can be.  

Turn Three

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The Harasser managed to drop missiles into the side of the LRM Carrier, rendering it immobile but not punching through the armor. The Schrek turns its turret and blows it away much like it did the other one. The Thunderbolt and Cataphract approach each other, and exchange shots while the Shadow Hawk landed shots into the back of the Cataphract. The Mongoose proceeded to get in behind the Thunderbolt, trying to disable it with kicks to the legs.
Meanwhile, the Devastator rounded the sand dune and opened fire with its heavy guns into the Von Luckner, causing consternation among the Harbingers. The Crusader, as well, fired into the Von Luckner and damaged its drive system so severely it could barely continue moving. Shots into both the Crusader and Devastator failed to pierce the armor, and the Atlas couldn't seem to land any shots at all.  

Turn Four

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The Thunderbolt climbed a sand dune, trying to continue fighting the Cataphract now that the Mongoose decided to chase down the Shadow Hawk which had begun to retreat from the field of battle. The Mongoose, in turn, found the slowly-advancing UrbanMech which had become a sort of rear-guard unit. In the end, the LRM Carrier fired a full spread of missiles into the Thunderbolt which wrecked its engine, and damaged its gyro before it fell over.
The Atlas hesitated before letting the Behemoth soften the Devastator, and tried to fire to capture the Assault-class tank. Instead, a lone missile dropped into the turret and caused its ammunition to explode violently, shattering the vehicle open. In the same round, the Von Luckner fired into the Crusader, causing it to stumble and fall.  

Turn Five

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"All right, let's send these Capellan fools packing." "I don't think they're Capellans, sir." "You know what? I don't really care anyway. Let's just run them down and get this over with."
The Harbingers opted to pursue the retreating units, and the Cataphract and Schrek simply blew apart the central torso of the UrbanMech. The Mongoose cored the Shadow Hawk through the back, and the Atlas and tanks waded forward and damage caused the Crusader's leg to break apart. Seeing that he wasn't going to escape, the 'MechWarrior inside surrendered, leaving the field undeniably in the hands of the Harbingers.  


"Sir. Sorry, sir." The tank crew leader for the Von Luckner tried not to wince as Adamant stared at him steadily. "I didn't realize the Devastator had two Class 20 Autocannons." The silence continued, as "Sassy" walked over to fold her arms. "Ma'am."
She spoke up first. "Okay, so let's recap. We managed to not lose anyone and destroyed everyone. Only they're not talking about who they are."
"No, ma'am. The two Harasser crews are dead, and the four 'MechWarriors just clammed up and insisted they be dropped at the HPG Station for a reward."
"We're keeping them." Adamant said slowly, quietly. "Until I learn who this group was. Get moving and let's see if that DropShip is still sticking around."

Damage Report


  • CTF-1X: Right Arm (12 Armor), Left Leg (10 Armor), Right Leg (7 Armor), Left Torso (5 Armor), Head (8 Armor)
  • MON-67 B: Left Torso (2 Armor, 50% Structure), Center Torso (3 Armor, 50% Structure)
  • Von Luckner VNL-K70: Front (39 Armor), Left (26 Armor, Stabilizer Hit), Right (15 Armor), Turret (5 Armor)
  • LRM Carrier: Front (10 Armor), Left (8 Armor)


  • CTF-1X: AC/10 (1 ton)
  • LRM Carrier: LRM 20 (1 ton)
  • Behemoth: AC/10, LRM 5, SRM 6 (3 tons)
  • Von Luckner VNL-K70: AC/10, LRM 10, SRM 4, Machine Gun (4 tons)

Medical Report

  • Adamant Dupree (1 Wound)
  • Nicole "Sassy" Schwartz (1 Wound)

Salvage Report

  • Harasser Missile Platform: Destroyed. SP Value at 32 SP.
  • Harasser Missile Platform: Destroyed. SP Value at 32 SP.
  • Demolisher Heavy Tank: Destroyed. SP Value at 100 SP.
  • UrbanMech UM-R60: Destroyed. SP Value at 75 SP.
  • Shadow Hawk SHD-2K: Destroyed. SP Value at 138 SP.
  • Thunderbolt TDR-5S: Salvaged. SP Value at 325 SP.
  • Crusader CRD-3R: Salvaged. SP Value at 325 SP.

Components Salvaged

  • SRM-2 (1)
  • SRM-6 (5)
  • LRM-5 (1)
  • Small Laser (1)
  • Flamer (1)
  • Heat Sink (11)
  • Jump Jet (1)
  • Sensors (4)
  • Actuators (55t; Upper Leg (1), Lower Leg (2), Foot (2), Upper Arm (1), Lower Arm (1), Hand (1))
  • Actuators (30t; Upper Leg (2), Lower Leg (2), Foot (2))
  • Structure (55t; LA, LL, RL, LT, RT, H)
  • Structure (30t; LA, LL, RL, LT, RT, H)
  Supply Points: 1027 SP


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