Act 2 - Round 1

General Summary

Force Dispositions

The Harbingers
Calderon Firebase (H13) - Level 1 -
  • (Pilots) "Juggernaut"
  • (Mechs) AS7-D
  • (Medical Team) Medical Crew A
  • (Tech Team - Mech) Tech Crews A-H.
Alpha Excursion
  • (Pilots) "Deadeye", "Sureshot", Spike
  • (Vehicle Crews) "Crew 9", "Crew 6"
  • (Mechs) AWS-8Q, MON-67 A, MON-67 B
  • (Vehicles) VNL-K70, Behemoth
Beta Excursion
  • (Pilots) "Sassy", "Trailblazer", "Bones", "Badboi"
  • (Vehicle Crews) "Crew 33", "Crew 11"
  • (Mechs) CTF-1X, HCT-3F A, HCT-3F B, HCT-3F C
  • (Vehicles) Schrek PPC Carrier, LRM Carrier
Priam Company
Minos Firebase (E23) - Level 1 -
  • (Pilots) "Aubrey"
  • (Vehicle Crews) "Crew 86", "Crew 12"
  • (Mechs) STK-3F, STG-3G
  • (Vehicles) Condor A, Condor B
  • (Medical Team) Medical Team Alpha
  • (Tech Team - Mech) Tech Crews A-J.
Sagittarius Lance
  • (Pilots) "Mikell", "Reginald", "Olivia", "Casey"
  • (Vehicle Crews) "Crazy Eight"
  • (Mechs) BLR-1G, ON1-K, WHM-6R, VLK-QA
  • (Vehicles) Manticore
Pegasus Lance
  • (Pilots) "Simone", "Vandal", "Otto", "Kelly"
  • (Mechs) GRF-1N, LCT-1V, RVN-1X, WLF-1

Actions Phase

The Harbingers

  • 1. Scouting, from H13. I13 > J14 > J15 > I14 > H14 > H15 > G14 > G13 > G12.
  • 2. Scouting, from H13. I12 > J13 > J12 > I11 > H12 > H11 > G11 > F12 > G12.
  • 3. Dispatch Alpha Excursion to Grid J14
  • 4. Dispatch Beta Excursion to Grid G13

  • - Discovered Holfield Mining (J14)
  • - Discovered Pierson Lake (H14)
  • - Discovered Lyran Forces (J15)
  • - Discovered Lyran Forces (G12)
  The Harbingers start off at Calderon Firebase, and split their forces to scout out the area and make a show of force to any who are in the area. They happen to discover a mining settlement north of their base, as well as a couple active patrols of units bearing Lyran colors. After recognizing they should make the show of force sooner rather than later, they dispatch two excursion groups. The Alpha Excursion group heads northwards, while the Beta Excursion group turns southwards.

Priam Company

  • 1. Scouting, from E23. F23 > G22 > G21 > H21 > H22 > H23 > G23 > F24.
  • 2. Scouting, from E23. E24 > E01 > D01 > D24 > D23 > C23 > C21 > D21 > E22.
  • 3. Dispatch Pegasus Lance to Grid E22
  • 4. Dispatch Sagittarius Lance to Grid H22

  • - Discovered Ninth Ward (F23)
  • - Discovered Third Ward (G22)
  • - Discovered Tenth Ward (F22)
  • - Discovered Seventh District (H23)
  • - Discovered DCMS Forces (H23)
  • - Discovered Government Center (G23)
  • - Discovered Industrial District (F24)
  • - Discovered Commercial District (E22)
  • - Discovered DCMS Forces (D23)
  Priam Company spends time using their scouting plane to cover the city and mark out the various wards and districts of the city and keep an eye out for trouble. Along the way they dispatch their lances to begin a patrol, and be in position to move on any enemy presences. What they find is the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery forces have two groups which have moved into position to the north and south of the city, apparently wanting to scout out what opposition was in the area. Rather than engage, Commander Sethan determines a position to watch from before making any aggressive moves.  

Training Phase

Harbingers Volunteers

The Harbingers did not take volunteers this round. (+1 Lucky)  

Priam Company Volunteers

Priam Company did not take volunteers this round. (+1 Lucky)  

Income Phase

The Harbingers

  • Control of Holfield Mining: +100 WP

Priam Company

  • Control of White Reach: +200 WP

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Report Date
20 Nov 2016


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