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The Great Rebellion

The greatest, longest, and bloodiest conflict in history. The period when humans broke away from dragons and fought for their independence. Over 800 years ago, humans worshipped dragons. The large reptiles were gods to be revered and feared, preparing offerings and praying for protection. In return, the dragons acted as guardians, protecting a given region from would-be raiders and other dragons.   That all changed when a pair of human hunters claimed to have killed a dragon. Until then dragons were believed to be invincible because of their strength, speed, natural armor, ability to fly, and flaming breath. Only another dragon could threaten them.  This threw everything into question and started a downward spiral that destroyed society.    Instead of the humans turning on their dragon overlords, everything turned inward. Diehard believers refused to accept the truth and power-hungry zealots wanted to dominate the dragons themselves. It was the same for the dragons. Some wanted to crush the humans and put them in their place while others believed it was time to accept the humans as equals. Caught in the middle were the rare few who wanted nothing to do with the fighting.   Geolga became lawless. With no centralized structure, everyone fought for patches of land and slivers of power. New factions popped up everywhere and were disbanded just as quickly. The fighting caused drought, famine, and disease to run rampant. Starvation was more common than the bloodshed. Those who wanted to avoid the fighting were forced to live in isolation as nomads.   For 400 years, the world population nosedived, somehow staving off extinction, but not without casualty. Official records from before and during that period were destroyed or lost, making it impossible to fully catalog the extent of the war's fury.       When the fighting finally ended, Geolga was split into two halves; the dragonlands to the west, and the human territories to the east. The worship of dragons was effectively outlawed although dragons continue to rule over humans. Despite the split, humans and dragons still live together but circumstances vary depending on the territory.  
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