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The Cursed Blade

This weapon has gone by many names: The Godslayer, Fang of the All-Mother, Dragonbane, Wyrm Cleaver to name a few. Today it is known as the Blood Blade.   Regardless of the name, the legend surrounding it is always the same. It is a sword, though the exact size has varied over the centuries, it is always the same: the weapon is said to contain the full fury of a dragon, and anyone who wields it will be bestowed with the strength of a wyrm.   Having witnessed the power of a dragon firsthand, this is a feat indeed, however, the weapon is also said to bear a terrible curse. It is said any who dare wield this weapon will be consumed by an unquenchable rage, directed only at humans. The wielder will bathe in the blood of their enemies until they finally expire of exhaustion.   Such a terrible weapon…But I was consumed with the question of why would anyone create such a thing.   After years of searching, I was finally able to piece together the story of how the weapon came to be.   Everyone knows the knowledge of smithing came from dragons. With their fiery breath, they can melt any known metal and reshape it to fit their needs. They soon passed this knowledge on to humans whose delicate fingers could create more tools than the dragons could themselves.   However, an apprentice smith wanted to test the limits of his power. He wanted to create a weapon so powerful, even the dragons would respect his skill. Unfortunately, he was unable to create anything using the metals known to humanity. In order to forge a stronger weapon, he required stronger materials.   At the time, there was nothing stronger than a dragon.   It is said he asked his teacher for a claw so that he may study it and design a better knife for cutting wheat. The dragon in his hubris gave the apprentice what he wanted. The apprentice continued this charade with the other dragon smiths, claiming it was for study, to understand the various sizes and shapes. Once, he had enough, he forged a shortsword of their combined claws.   His new weapon could carve through any armor or shield and no beast could resist its sharp edge. Drunk on power, he cut a bloody swath through Geolga, slaying all in his path.   Word eventually reached the Dracaenas and they were furious that a human would dare abuse their gifts. And so, they placed a curse on the blade.   When the apprentice drew the blade to show off to a friend, he was driven into a violent frenzy. He cut down everyone he loved without hesitation or remorse. He spent days without eating or sleeping, roaming endlessly for new victims. Even as his body became bruised and ragged, he continued to hunt and kill.   It is said he finally died when he saw his reflection in a lake and dove into the water to slay himself.   The dragons buried the sword at the bottom of the lake and filled it with rocks and sand so no creature will ever stumble upon it. They also decreed that they shall no longer share knowledge with humans.   And so, the blade has lain dormant beneath the earth. Many have searched for it to verify its existence, especially during The Great Rebellion, no doubt to turn such a powerful weapon against their dragon masters.   However, I believe that if even a fraction of the curse is real, it may be best that the blade is never found.

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23 Mar, 2022 20:03

Seems like there is more than one cautionary tale here. This almost resembles one of the creation myths you might here from an aboriginal culture. Where a more enlightened race (or the gods) granted man knowledge of some stripe only for it to be misused and then be punished for their transgressions. I wonder, given humanity's immense pride and absolute refusal to ever admit having been given anything by an outside agency, how they relate they earned the knowledge of metalsmithing.   This blade seems like one of those things that would be best remaining lost forever. Seems like something like it could start a whole new war between dragons and humans. Although, I would question the effectiveness of a melee weapon against creatures that can fly and expel ranged attacks. Perhaps the more modern guns have made even the need for such a cursed weapon obsolete.

24 Mar, 2022 01:25

Kind of ironic how that weapon was lost and they wound up with something arguably better anyway.