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Wet days

After The Curtain fell and the conceptual and material worlds merged together, many things that once were normal became different. Sometimes mare dangerous, sometimes simply weirder. The weather phenomena especially changed in many unsuspected ways. One of the said occurrences is known as wet days.  

What are wet days?

Wet days are an extreme version of heavy overcast that can manifest in one of two ways. No matter how exactly they will manifest, the wet days have some of the properties that make them easy to identify.  
  • A sudden appearance - from the first moment the clouds show up on the horizon to the moment they cover the whole sky, it takes only about 15 minutes.
  • A wall of water - if the wet day starts in the distance, it can be seen as a moving wall of water.
  • Only where rain falls - while the water that the wet day is made out of is normal water, it doesn't entirely behave like one. The wall of water doesn't fill any space where raindrops wouldn't reach while falling from the sky. Even if the sheer amount of water should fill buildings, unless the buildings don't have a roof, it won't. As such, even a simple umbrella can protect someone from getting wet while walking inside the "rain".

Dark and light wet days

While the two types of manifestation of wet days share all of the properties above, aside from that, they are very different from each other.   During dark wet days, the water that forms the phenomenon tends to act more as normal water would. It blocks off the sunlight, it's cold, and it is impossible for a human to breathe inside of it. To move within it, one needs to swim.   On the other hand, the light wet days tend to be as bright as a normal day (with a slight tint one would see while being in the clear blue water), they are warm, and it's possible to breathe within them like during a normal day. It is possible to both swim and walk on the ground during them. What's interesting, one only gets wet when leaving the area affected by them.

Life inside the wet day

Every time a wet day shows up, various Spirits resembling various sea creatures start to show up. Unless it's a dark wet day, most of the creatures inside of it will be neutral to humans, ignoring them while hunting for other inhabitants of the wall of water. Some more intelligent ones, might stop by someone and talk to them or simply observe them out of curiosity.
On the other hand, the Spirits that show up during dark wet days are extremely hostile and voracious, sometimes even jumping out of the water to reach their prey, even if staying outside of it can kill them.

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