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As long as there has been humanity, there was trash.
When the Extinction has ended and there were almost no humans left, the trash has persisted. As such, it is no wonder that after The Curtain has fallen) has fallen various spirits related to junk and filth showed up. Some of them inhabited the things they represented, creating artificial living beings, the Trashmen.   Those beings, also known as Cleaners or Waste Collectors, despite their biohazardous origin, are mostly calm and advantageous for the environment. They travel all around the city of their birth, collect trash that was left by humanity, and store it all in one place, turning it into their nest. It has been observed that they then slowly eat said waste, simultaneously cleaning the environment.   If anything attacks them (mostly another spirit that wants to hunt them) or gets to close to their nest (surviving people that would want to search it for any useful stuff), they turn very violent and surprisingly fast for their size. They'll try to catch the enemy and crush them under their weight or they' ll use the makeshift weapons they create and carry with themselves.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

Trashmen are large, humanoid creatures. They have no necks They have their upper body larger than the rest. They often wear makeshift clothes and hats covering their bodies. There were individuals seen walking with weapons made out of street signs and rebar. If they die they turn into trash bags.

Genetics and Reproduction

As spirits, Trashmen do not reproduce.

Growth Rate & Stages

They do not grow, no matter how much of trash or other spirits they consume.

Ecology and Habitats

When they show up in the area for the first time, Trashmen start to look for an area that would be perfect for creating their nest, an enormous garbage dump. The perfect place would be located in an area lower than others, so the rain water would run down there, creating wetlands. Then they start to search for and bring back any trash they can find within about 7 kilometers.

Dietary Needs and Habits

They eat trash and the water polluted by it.

Biological Cycle

During autumn they will also collect any leaves from the ground they can, putting them in the bags or trolleys they find or make.
During winter they return to their nest and begin to hibernate.

Additional Information

Social Structure

All of the individuals in the area of 7 kilometers take their trash to the same nest and sometimes cooperate with each other. As such, they are considered one tribe.

Facial characteristics

The only thing recognizable in their "faces" are two holes serving as their eyes. They have no mouths, ears or any other facial features.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Everywhere there were humans collecting trash.

Average Intelligence

They can create things that let them defend themselves and transport stuff. It is unknown if they can communicate, as they don't make any sounds that could be recognized as speech. If someone tries to talk with them, they will ignore the person, focusing only on their job.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They have really bad eyesight, so they rely on seeing the movement. The average individual can see clearly 1 meter in front of itself, everything further is blurry for them to the point of some colors mixing together.

Average Height
3 meters
Average Weight
6000 kg
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
They can be as colorful as things that create them.

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