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Three Toe Paw Pub

After gathering enough research about wildlings, I decided to return to that pub where I first met miss Loreley Renard. There was something curious about that place I wanted to check.
— fragment of Professor Kostek's log on Three Toe Paw Pub
Three Toe Paw Pub is one of the rare places above the ground where people can visit not having to fear being eaten by Spirits. It was a pub even for tens of years before The Curtain fell so the conceptual reality of today's world sees it as such. Because of it, it is always stocked with things one could expect from the pub, spirits, and snacks.  

Unique customers - safety

As I could expect from the presence of wildling in the pub, the place wasn't in any way protected by seals or spells. And yet, both the barman and some of the customers, while human, weren't right in the middle of being eaten alive. Why?
— third fragment of Professor Kostek's log on the Pub
About half of the customers in the pub aren't human. Instead, most of them are some type of spirit that takes on humanoid form, spirits of alcohol and libation, or, in rare cases, completely wild concepts that just came to visit and are smart enough to not start a fight.

The guardian

A discrete wave with measuring devices here and there, messing around with the settings of my visor and I had my answer. This whole place was protected by a giant Spirit. Head of a dog (I don't really know a lot about dogs but I think it was one of the hunting ones), and a body made out of colorful strings spread around the building in a cone, covered with paw symbols. So that's how one finds their path here. Well, since my curiosity has been sated, time to sate my stomach.
— last fragment of Professor Kostek's log on the Pub
While normally it would be extremely hard to stop Spirits that enter the Pub from eating each other and any human customers, Three Toe Paw Pub has its own guardian, a powerful Spirit, strong enough to set and upkeep rules within the place. The being seems to like the company, especially that of humans. As such, it brings the weary travelers here, while keeping out anything that would bring any harm to them.  
Been there once or twice. Nice place, though I mostly visited it to find someone or something or to find a job.
Good alcohol, good meals, and a good place to discover some stuff about Spirits. The owners, both the human and that big Spirit seem nice. Though the second one doesn't really want to be acknowledged.
Only heard about it, never seen it. Even when people hired me as a guide to go there, as soon as we got close to that place, the clients disappear, only to show up when they are ready to go back. My dogs don't know or don't want to visit that place for some reason.

The pub that finds you

Just as before, to reach that place again I had to follow mysterious paintings of paw prints missing one of their toes. Reaching the place didn't take that long.
— second fragment of Professor Kostek's log on the Pub
It is said that one doesn't find the pub by themselves, the pub finds them, marking their path with its symbol, a dog paw with one missing toe.   To reach the place, once one finds one of the symbols, they have to follow the direction "pointed" by the missing toe of the paw, as which one is missing changes between them. The symbols avoid any dangers in the area, both the permanent and temporary ones such as hungry Spirits.


The pub looks like a pub should. Stools padded with leather and a bar, tables made out of beautiful dark wood. Welcoming atmosphere. The smell of alcohol. The murmur of conversations interrupted with occasional toast. Even the barman here looks like a typical barman, one you have seen in hundreds of pubs. A place so nice, one could sometimes forget about the world that ended outside.

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